Let the Embarrassment Begin

I don’t currently have a regular job.  I’m a freelancer working at a former employer.  I was out on Monday (I was quite sick), but was back in the office today.  News of this blog is spreading there, so it’s definitely time to make some progress.  If I don’t, the embarrassment will be for nothing.

There are a few other “fat guys” at the office, so at least I’m in good company.

I’m still not getting enough exercise, but my elliptical hasn’t arrived yet either.  I’m just lazy.

Tying My Shoes

I miss being able to tie my shoes without experiencing something between extreme discomfort and minor injury.

I’ve been wearing velcro shoes that last couple of years to make it easier, but my current shoes have laces.  I’ve been having my daughter do it for me a lot.  That’s sad.

I’ll tie my own damn shoes from now on.

Sick as a Dog

I rarely get sick.  When I do, I make up for lost time though.

I’m home sick today.  It’s bad enough that I made an appointment to see a doctor.  I also don’t care much for doctors, so I’m really sick.

I’m trying to decide if and how this will affect my diet.  I don’t feel like eating right now.


Counting Calories

I needed to make counting my calories as easy as possible.  I have a spreadsheet to keep track of everything, but I needed an easy way to look up calories.  Especially for food consumed at a restaurant.

I found CalorieKing.  I’m not signing up for there service, but I do use them to look up calories for various foods.

There is some guessing involved though.  Here’s a sample of my calories spreadsheet:

Date Meal Food Calories Daily Totals
11/07/07 Breakfast Kashi Strawberry Fields 120

2% Milk 61

Coffee – 2 cups 10

Lunch Skyline Chili reg 5-way 840

Unsweet Tea 5

Coffee – 1 cup 5

Dinner Salad w/chicken & dressing 300

Coffee – 2 cups 10 1351

11/08/07 Breakfast Kashi Strawberry Fields 120

2% Milk 61

Orange Juice – 6oz 84

Coffee – 2 cups 10

Lunch Subway Veggie – 12in w/mustard 460

— mustard 6

Coffee – 1 cup 5

Snack Yogurt – vanilla – 1 cup 190

Banana 105

V8 Juice – 8oz 50

Dinner Spaghetti w/ ground turkey 439

Coffee – 2 cups 10 1540

You’ll notice that I put 5 calories for a cup of coffee. I drink my coffee black with no sweetener, but I think there are a few calories from the oils.