Back Into the Swing?

I’m back at work, and hopefully back to tracking everything on a daily basis.  I didn’t do a workout today, but I will tomorrow.

I’ve had a couple of people at work notice my weight loss, so maybe I’ll post a new picture soon.

A New Year

It’s just hours away from the new year here in North America.  Many people have resolved to lose weight next year.  I resolve to continue losing weight.

Due to some issue I’ll blog about at a later date, my tracking of food and weight has fallen behind, and I’ve skipped workouts now and again, but overall, I’m still losing weight.

My weight last night was 268.2, so I have dipped below 270.  I’ll probably peak back above it before dipping down below, hopefully to stay.  I have not updated my weight on this blog, or on, but I will.

Since the weight loss began I have felt better physically than I have in a long time.  However, the last few weeks have left me with painful muscle aches that are probably due to stress.

I will probably be in bed before midnight tonight.  I’m not going to any parties, or getting drunk.  I’m at home, having a few beers.  Last year I got rather drunk, and there are embarrassing pictures to prove it.

Happy New Year!

Slacking Off, But Still Losing Weight

I haven’t been working out enough.  I haven’t been tracking my food or weight everyday.  I’ve had a few days where I ate way too much.  I have been blogging far too little.

I have two excuses:

  1. Holidays can do that.
  2. I’m having some personal issues I don’t want to talk about.

Take your pick 🙂

On the bright side, my weight is down to 271.6.  I’m really looking forward to dropping below 270.

I use to often use eating to combat depression and stress.  I think I have overcome that.


Yep, I’m fat and lazy.

I haven’t had a real workout in days.  I skipped two days of work.  I slept a lot.  The truth is, I was sick.  So on the bright side, I lost weight.

I didn’t track my eating while I was sick, and I didn’t bother tracking yesterday’s weight, but I’m feeling better today, and although I still didn’t work out, I did keep track of my food.  I also ate a bit more than normal.  That’s okay, I’m just making up for yesterday.

I’m down 23 pounds, only 93.4 more to go.

Some Progress, Some Setbacks

I went a couple of days without working out.  I’ve been busy, and I’m naturally lazy.

I had been eating well, until today.  I had three slices of pizza and two breadsticks that totaled more than 1300 calories.  It’s also too many carbs this late in the day.

I did workout on the elliptical for nearly 90 minutes today though.  My weight is still trending downward, so I’m happy.

Reading on the Elliptical

I had done a short but intense workout on the elliptical earlier, then sat down at my computer to get some work done.  My daughter, who has barely touched the elliptical, grabbed a book, and did a hands-free, slow-paced workout for over 80 minutes.  I was impressed.

When she was done, I grabbed a book I’ve been meaning to read, and tried the same thing.  It was difficult at first due to the motion.  After figuring out the best way to keep the book stationary, I was able to get into the book and read a chapter.  I did 51 minutes, at a slower pace, but I still burned 440 calories.  I could have done it longer, but I don’t want to be up too late tonight.

If you’re curious, I was reading The Phoenix Exultant: The Golden Age, Volume 2 (The Golden Age).  Yeah, I’m a sci-fi geek.

Food and Mood

Saturday night my wife and I went out to eat.  I tried to eat somewhat healthy, but I did drink a beer, and ate too much food.  My calorie intake for the day wasn’t too bad, but it was too many carbs, late in the day.

On Sunday, I felt fat and bloated.  I ate much less food.  I drank a lot of water.  I didn’t have much energy.  I did make a token effort at a workout, but it was difficult.

Today, I am totally exhausted, and feeling a little down.  I hope to have a good workout when I get home, but what I really want is sleep.

I wonder how much effect our diet has on our mood and energy level.  I used to never consider the consequences before, unless large amounts of alcohol were involved.


I have an elliptical for cardio, but I need to build some strength also.  I don’t have any weights, and I’m not prepared to buy any now, but partially due to a few guys at the office, I started doing push-ups.

I’m pathetic at it.  However, throughout the day, I did 25.  It is a nice change from just using the elliptical.  I think I can get to the point where I can do 25 at one time within the next few months.

No Workout Today

I sat at my computer all day long.  I was working, not just wasting time, but I didn’t manage to sneak in a workout.

I ate well today.  My weight has been holding steady for three days in a row at 279.8.

I posted on my other site that I had learned to use jQuery a little, and received an offer to review a book about jQuery.  I agreed, and now have my new book.  As luck would have it, a new project I’m working on required jQuery.  I hope I have time to review the book before starting another project that uses jQuery.

Basically, I’ve been busy as hell.

How Much Do I Need to Eat?

I’ve been talking about raising my calorie intake so that my workouts don’t cause me to start burning the muscle instead of fat.  The trouble is that I can’t seem to eat 1500 calories, and still eat healthy, but yet, I’m not hungry.

I ate 1144 calories today, and I feel no desire to eat anymore.  I mean, I could handle a scoop of ice cream, but I don’t want to start down that road.

Do I not need many calories because I sit at a desk all day?

I’m Back to Losing

I feel great today.  I weighed in at 280.4, the lowest since I started this.  I have worked out harder in the last two days than any other day other than one.  I’m sore, but happy.

I’m still unsure what my target heart rate should be when working out.  I guessed at around 150.  I set my monitor to keep me between 140 and 160.  Today, that didn’t seem like I was working hard enough.  I went a little harder, and pushed my heart rate to 170 for about ten minutes of my 30 minute workout.

After the workout, I walked around and drank some water to recover.  Then I sat down with a bowl of yogurt.  It’s weird.  Yogurt has become my new comfort food.

Six Days of Nothing

The last six days my weight has fluctuated, but I haven’t seen any lasting loss.  I ate too much yesterday, so I’m not really sure when I’ll see more weight loss.

I did work extra hard on the elliptical today.  I’ve finally gotten to where I can do a thirty minute session and burn over 400-500 calories.  If I can do that twice a day, and eat a little healthier, I think I’ll make progress.


Tomorrow is my daughter’s 16th birthday.  We are having a party today, and a bunch on noisy teenagers will be taking over my house.

There will be cake, ice cream, soda, and chips.  I’ll be hiding in my office (that also serves as a workout room & laundry room), working on a website for a client.  I will allow myself one scoop of ice cream, and that’s it for junk food.

I didn’t hide enough, and I ate 2478 calories.  Most of it was worthless carbs.  I will try harder.

One Track Mind

My mother lost a lot of weight last year.  She did it mostly with diet.  Her exercise came from work, not working out.  She has gained some of it back, but she’s still in decent shape.

I talked to her on the phone today about my weight loss plan.  She kept lecturing me about carbs.  She kept repeatedly telling me to buy “light” bread because it has fewer carbs.  This is despite the fact that I repeatedly told her I’ve had two slices of bread in the last three weeks.

My diet is rather low-carb.  My mother tells me I can eat an 8oz pork chop, because it’s just protein.  No carbs!  I really don’t need all the fat either, so I keep my meat portions smaller.

I’ve noticed that everyone has their own weight loss advice.  Most of it is valid, but most of those people don’t realize that there are other just as valid ways.

If I ever come off as preachy, or as close-minded as my mother, please slap me.


I am completely covered up in work, but I wanted to make a quick post.  I didn’t get a real workout today.  I really don’t have the time.  I did, however, go up 7 flights of stairs in a parking garage to get to my car.

My wife helped out today by running some errands for me.  I was at two client locations for a total of over 14 hours, and I might be up all night tonight working on some code.

I’ve also been asked to write a book review, once I read the book.  I love having stuff to do, but it needs to space out a little more.

Use the Tools

When I bought my elliptical, I also bought a separate heart rate monitor, but I put it on the shelf and forgot about it.

I’ve been struggling to do more than 10 or 12 minutes at a stretch on the elliptical.  I just get winded too quickly.  I know I’m fat, and out of shape, but I expected to be able to do more.

After doing a little research about target heart rates, it seems my maximum heart rate should be about 184, and my target should be about 80% of that.  I settled on 150 as a nice round number.  I put on the heart rate monitor, and started my workout.

Once I was into the workout my heart rate hit 160, so I slowed down and let my heart rate fall to 150, then started pushing it a little harder.  This worked well, and I was still working out at 31 minutes.  I could have went longer, but my legs were giving out this time.

I spent money on the heart rate monitor, yet didn’t bother to use it until today.  I could have made more progress, if I would have bothered to use the tools I had already bought.

Learning to Eat Dessert, Again

There was ice cream in the house.  My wife bought some vanilla ice cream to go with apple pie on Thanksgiving.  There was some left.

Before I got serious about dieting, I would have polished it off the very next day.  This time was different.

I really wanted some of that ice cream.  So I had one single scoop.  That was my treat for the day.  At roughly 140 calories, it certainly won’t kill my diet.  My wife and daughter finished it off, so I’m not tempted anymore.

Working Out

I haven’t really worked out since high school.  That was 18 years ago.  The last three days I’ve used my elliptical every day.  I get winded easily, but I like the “warm glow” that comes afterward.

I’ve lost 12.4 pounds in just over three weeks.  Most of that time I didn’t do any additional exercise.  Now that I’m eating better food, less food, and working out every day, I expect the weight loss to pick up.  I also know that it’ll plateau for a while, I just don’t know when.

Ahh.. Thanksgiving

One of the things that has always hurt me with weight loss, is the fact that I love food.  I love to eat a lot of good food.

My new plan is to ignore that, and eat only what I need.  Holidays throw a wrench into that plan.  I don’t want to insult my wife, or not enjoy the holidays, so I decided to eat a little of everything for Thanksgiving dinner.

I enjoyed the meal immensely, and although I overate, it wasn’t by as much as it would have been before.  Also, due to the amount of food I ate, I’m not trying to log the calories I ate for each item (as I usually do), but just estimating the whole meal.  It may not be very accurate, but there should only be a few days a year like this.

My Elliptical is Here!

My elliptical was delivered this morning.  I haven’t really used it, other than to test it out.  I’m rather busy.  I am committing to using it for at least 30 minutes today.

I’m going to start logging all pertinent data about my workout sessions, now that I’ll actually have workout sessions.

I just did a 10 minute workout, burned 130 calories, with a distance of 1.13 miles.  I am beat.  I’m really in poor shape.

The Inconvenience of Eating Well

Being self employed, my work life is, um, different.

Some days I’m at a client site, and some days I’m at home.  My primary client expects me to work on-site most of the time.  Working there is similar to a regular job.  The location is in downtown Louisville, so there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance, including places where it is relatively painless to eat healthy.

However, today, I have to work at a different client site.  My options are more limited.  When grocery shopping I didn’t take this into account, so I don’t have a healthy lunch ready to go.

I did go overboard in buying bananas.  I have more than I can eat before they go bad.  I suppose I’ll bring two bananas, and eat one at around 12:00, the other around 3:00, and hope I don’t get stuck there past 6:00 or so.

How Many Calories Do I Need?

When I started counting calories, I did a little research, and settled on 1500 as my goal.  Although that is less that what I have been eating, it wasn’t a big adjustment.

I’m wondering if I still need to eat fewer calories.  I rarely get more than “a little hungry”.  It’s possible I’m not burning enough calories sitting in front of my laptop.  So how many calories would I need to survive?

Don’t think I’m going to go nuts and starve myself.  I’m actually planning on staying at 1500 for now.  I should have my elliptical on Wednesday, then I might need a few more calories.

Slow, Steady Progress

Although many days feel as if there is no progress, looking at things longer term help a lot.

Here are my weigh-in weekly averages for the three weeks I’ve been tracking it.

Startdate Enddate Weight
10/28/07 11/03/07 296.4
11/04/07 11/10/07 291.8
11/11/07 11/17/07 286.8

This shows almost ten pounds of weight loss over three weeks.  I’m happy with that.

Some Days You Fail

I’ve been sick for over a week now.  I figured that my low calorie intake probably isn’t helping.

I ordered more pizza, intending to eat half of a medium pizza.  I ate entire thing.  It was bacon and onion, and probably about 2100 calories.

I guess I’ll have homemade vegetable soup for dinner.