Working Out

I haven’t really worked out since high school.  That was 18 years ago.  The last three days I’ve used my elliptical every day.  I get winded easily, but I like the “warm glow” that comes afterward.

I’ve lost 12.4 pounds in just over three weeks.  Most of that time I didn’t do any additional exercise.  Now that I’m eating better food, less food, and working out every day, I expect the weight loss to pick up.  I also know that it’ll plateau for a while, I just don’t know when.

My Elliptical is Here!

My elliptical was delivered this morning.  I haven’t really used it, other than to test it out.  I’m rather busy.  I am committing to using it for at least 30 minutes today.

I’m going to start logging all pertinent data about my workout sessions, now that I’ll actually have workout sessions.

I just did a 10 minute workout, burned 130 calories, with a distance of 1.13 miles.  I am beat.  I’m really in poor shape.

How Many Calories Do I Need?

When I started counting calories, I did a little research, and settled on 1500 as my goal.  Although that is less that what I have been eating, it wasn’t a big adjustment.

I’m wondering if I still need to eat fewer calories.  I rarely get more than “a little hungry”.  It’s possible I’m not burning enough calories sitting in front of my laptop.  So how many calories would I need to survive?

Don’t think I’m going to go nuts and starve myself.  I’m actually planning on staying at 1500 for now.  I should have my elliptical on Wednesday, then I might need a few more calories.

Working From Home

I’m still sick today.  My sinuses feel better, but I have a headache, and an uncontrollable cough.  My sides are hurting from coughing.  I didn’t sleep much either.

I have a deadline at work so I’m working from home to get some stuff done.  My daughter is also sick today, and she’s sitting here next to me.  It’s not a bad way to spend time with her.

I skipped breakfast.  I don’t feel like eating.  I know that’s not healthy, but I am sick.  I’ve been drinking coffee, but that feels good on my throat.

I’ll probably go get a veggie sub for lunch.

Random Stuff

I got a call from Scheller’s today. I will have my elliptical on November 21st. That’s a little later than I’d hoped, but it should be worth it.

I found Jennette’s blog today. I am in awe of her weight loss. I believe she’s 9 or 10 years younger than I am, but I don’t have quite as much weight to lose. She has lost over 200 pounds. Oh, she’s a web developer also, but she actually has writing skills.

A guy at work (Thanks John!) has pointed me too traineo. I haven’t signed up, but several of us are talking about it to be each other’s “motivators”.

I’m still sick, and now I’m on antibiotics for a sinus infection. I hope it goes away soon, as it’s sapping my ability to sleep, and therefore my will to live 🙂

Let the Embarrassment Begin

I don’t currently have a regular job.  I’m a freelancer working at a former employer.  I was out on Monday (I was quite sick), but was back in the office today.  News of this blog is spreading there, so it’s definitely time to make some progress.  If I don’t, the embarrassment will be for nothing.

There are a few other “fat guys” at the office, so at least I’m in good company.

I’m still not getting enough exercise, but my elliptical hasn’t arrived yet either.  I’m just lazy.

Tying My Shoes

I miss being able to tie my shoes without experiencing something between extreme discomfort and minor injury.

I’ve been wearing velcro shoes that last couple of years to make it easier, but my current shoes have laces.  I’ve been having my daughter do it for me a lot.  That’s sad.

I’ll tie my own damn shoes from now on.

Sick as a Dog

I rarely get sick.  When I do, I make up for lost time though.

I’m home sick today.  It’s bad enough that I made an appointment to see a doctor.  I also don’t care much for doctors, so I’m really sick.

I’m trying to decide if and how this will affect my diet.  I don’t feel like eating right now.