2009 In Review

What a wonderful/busy/crazy/happy/stressful year it’s been.



I (mostly) lost weight through the first half of the year, but mostly gained it all back in the last half.  I’m still happier with my weight than I was in 2007 or 2008 though.  I need to have the self-control that I did in 2008 again.

Bike Mileage

Month Miles
01-2009 277.8
02-2009 263.3
03-2009 192.4
04-2009 290.9
05-2009 452.0
06-2009 542.2
07-2009 371.3
08-2009 199.6
09-2009 298.9
10-2009 436.1
11-2009 443.9
12-2009 91.6
Month Nermal Oria Nermal Oria Total
All 2008 712.8 1,525.8 712.8 1,525.8 2,238.6
01-2009 927.6 1,588.8 214.8 63.0 277.8
02-2009 1,004.9 1,774.8 77.3 186.0 263.3
03-2009 1,068.5 1,903.6 63.6 128.8 192.4
04-2009 1,359.4 1,903.6 290.9 0.0 290.9
05-2009 1,501.0 2,214.0 141.6 310.4 452.0
06-2009 1,769.0 2,488.2 268.0 274.2 542.2
07-2009 1,953.6 2,674.9 184.6 186.7 371.3
08-2009 2,024.9 2,803.2 71.3 128.3 199.6
09-2009 2,104.0 3,023.0 79.1 219.8 298.9
10-2009 2,417.5 3,145.6 313.5 122.6 436.1
11-2009 2,765.5 3,241.5 348.0 95.9 443.9
12-2009 2,857.1 3,241.5 91.6 0.0 91.6

I didn’t make my goal of 5000 miles.  I knew I wouldn’t fairly early.  I did ride 3,860 miles for the year, which beats the previous year of 2,238.

Month by Month Review

  • January 2009
    • Biking irregularly due to weather and ice storm
    • First RCCS ride
    • Rode 277.8 miles
    • Average weight of 216.5 lbs
  • February 2009
    • Gave up the idea of living car-free in the near-term
    • I assumed (wrongly) that I’d hit my goal weight by August
    • Rode 263.3 miles
    • Average weight of 208.2 lbs
  • March 2009
    • I met Kristy
    • Rode 192.4 miles
    • Average weight of 204.6 lbs
  • April 2009
    • My car died – spent two weeks without one before buying my truck
    • Kristy and I were engaged
    • Kristy left the state for a few months
    • Rode 290.9 miles
    • Average weight of 206.6 lbs
  • May 2009
    • Rode the 60-mile Tour de Cure
    • Set a new weekly mileage record of 186.1
    • Rode 452.0 miles
    • Average weight of 203.3 lbs
  • June 2009
    • Weight was under 200 lbs for a while
    • Set a new weekly mileage record of 201.9
    • Rode 542.2 miles
    • Average weight of 202.0 lbs
  • July 2009
    • Kristy came home
    • Went to West Virginia with Kristy to meet some of her family
    • Rode 371.3 miles
    • Average weight of 201.8 lbs
  • August 2009
    • Managed a 20-mile ride in Michigan while traveling
    • Almost sold my recumbent
    • Business trip to San Antonio – Too much good food
    • My daughter came to live with me
    • Rode 199.6 miles
    • Average weight of 208.4 lbs
  • September 2009
    • I married Kristy in Florida – managed to bring bikes and get in some riding too
    • Finished The Ride to Conquer Cancer – I enjoyed the achievement, but I’m not really sure I want to spend the (fund-raising) time to do another charity ride
    • Rode 298.9 miles
    • Average weight of 212.4 lbs
  • October 2009
    • Kristy left again for work
    • Rode 436.1 miles
    • Average weight of 209.7 lbs
  • November 2009
    • Went mountain biking for the first time
    • Rode 443.9 miles
    • Average weight of 209.8 lbs
  • December 2009
    • Kristy came home
    • Spent Christmas in West Virginia
    • Kristy left again
    • I’m gaining weight again, it’s going to take work to get back down
    • Rode 91.6 miles – holy crap!  what happened here?
    • Average weight of 215.2 lbs – wow back to January weight


I’m happy with what I’ve done for the year.  I met a wonderful woman, fell in love, and got married.  Looking back at my posts from the past year, many of them seem rather negative.  I guess it’s easy to focus on the times when things aren’t going as planned.  Things usually don’t go as planned, but work out alright anyway.

That doesn’t mean I give myself a pass on not losing the weight and keeping it off.  I very much intend to achieve my goal weight of 175 lbs, and stay there.  I’m hoping I can do it before December of next year.

Happy New Year everyone!

The Perfect Sh*t Storm

I’ve mentioned that my life has been a little crazy recently.  My work life got a lot crazier on Monday the 5th.  I still rode to work 4 days that week, and rode home 3.  I wimped out one day and got a ride.  I drove one day because I needed my truck.

The week starting on the 12th was a little crazier.  I still managed to ride to work and back 3 days.

Why could this affect my riding?

  • I spend an extra 1.5 hours per day commuting when I ride
  • I have less physical energy
  • I have less mental energy after an extended amount of bicycle commuting
  • I need more sleep when I ride a lot
  • My weekends have been busy with personal errands and tasks (such as moving Kristy’s stuff into the house)

This past week, I had enough, and I was exhausted.  I still rode on Tuesday, but that was it.  I paid $8.75 per day to park for 4 days, and drove my truck.

I’ve been so busy, I’ve been running and doing something from the moment I wake up, until I get to sleep at night.  Some of it is work, some of it is moving Kristy’s stuff, some of it is normal domestic crap.  Oh, yeah, Kristy is out of town, so she’s not here to help.  I’m not blaming her, she wishes she could be here.  I also have my younger teenage daughter living here and increasing the stress level.

On Monday I applied a software update that has led to a work-week-long pain in the @ss.  This coincided with two other screw-ups (one of which is partially my fault).

On top of this, I had to come up with a fat chunk of money for a lawyer.  I’ve got some legal issues to deal with.  It’s just a “family law” matter, nobody is in trouble or anything.  🙂

So, it’s late on a Friday night.  I can’t mentally let go of the issues at work, so I can’t sleep.  I can’t fix the issues at work until at least Monday.  I have to get up early tomorrow to finish up at Kristy’s old apartment.

On the bright side, I will be done at the apartment tomorrow.  I’m going to try for a bike ride on Sunday.  I think I’m going to get back on the bike for full-time commuting again on Monday.

I don’t know who said it, but the phrase “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” applies perfectly.

Wish me luck!

Settling In

Kristy, my shiny new wife, has moved in.  Her job has transferred, and we can even do some car-pooling.

We’ve still got of stuff to move from her old apartment, but we’re getting to it.  Although we’re probably still going out to eat too often, we are splitting meals now which is better for the wallet and the gut.

I’ve worked three days this week.  On Wednesday I drove to work.  Thursday and Friday (today) I rode the bike into work, but Kristy picks me up after work.  That seems to work out well.

I’ve been riding Nermal.  Oria needs some work on the wheels, and should probably have the bearings cleaned and regreased after the sand and saltwater spray in Florida.

I am disappointed with my weight.  I’ve been above 210 lbs all of this month, and part of last.  I had been down below 198 as recently as July.

Kristy is supportive of my weight loss and bike riding.  She kicked me out of bed this morning so that I had time to ride.  I love her for that.  🙂

Wedding Day

Kristy and I were married yesterday, 9/12/09.  The weather was wonderful, the sun came out just for us.

A few friends and family members gathered on the beach for the fun, relaxed ceremony.

We kept the ceremony simple (about as simple as driving to Florida can be). We had a reception at a local restaurant. We were surprised with a phenomenal beach-themed wedding cake.

Most of our honeymoon is actually a pre-wedding adventure. I’ll be back at work later in the week. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ll have more pictures and stories to share.

As far as weight loss…. What weight loss?

My last ride as a single man
First married kiss
Pretty cake