Too Little Riding

I only rode to work one day last week.  I did ride about five miles today to run some errands.  My daughter is over for the weekend, and we rode to the grocery store together.

We had a Halloween party at work yesterday, with a “bake off”.  I had to sample everything.  🙂  I did eat too much yesterday, but I’m doing much better today.  I’ll have to watch my serving size for dinner tonight though.  My daughter is making chicken and broccoli pasta dish.  It already smells delicious.

Beer, Candy, and Going Out for Lunch

I’ve been munching on candy around work recently.  Not a lot of candy, just a little bit, several times a day.  I doubt that it’s a lot of calories, but I still shouldn’t be doing it every day.

I’ve had one beer almost every day for the last week and a half.  I’m not going to give up beer, but I still need to cut down more.

I’ve went out to lunch too often recently.  I always overeat when I go out.

I’m not entirely sure why my habits have slipped.  I have been weighing daily.  I’ve been tracking my calories.  I guess I need to “think before I eat”.


I had an excuse for not riding today, but it wasn’t a good one.  I ate too much yesterday, and today.  I’m not sick anymore, just lazy.

My weigh-in yesterday was up a little, to 232.6 lbs.  I had hoped to stay under 230 permanently.

I’m considering an 11-mile night ride tonight.  It’s a low-traffic area that will be a lot of fun.  I’ve got some housework I’ve got to get done first… Oh, yeah, I’m at work, so I’ve got to finish up here too.

It’s easy to get lazy when life is throwing curves.

Still Sick

I’m still sick today.  I did get off my lazy butt and go to work though.  I didn’t ride the bike, I drove.

I skipped breakfast, but had two cookies here at work.  Hmmm… now I’m craving the Halloween candy that’s laying around the office.  That’s not good.

There were two cyclists on the Second Street Bridge, as I was driving across.  They weren’t taking the lane, so I was a bit worried someone would pass them too close.  I slowed down and followed them across, so anyone passing would have to pass my car also.  They probably just wondered why I didn’t pass them.

Ride More, Eat Less

As I’ve ridden my bike more, I’ve come to rely on that for my weight loss.  I end up eating more, then if I don’t ride, I’m setting myself up for weight gain.

Over the weekend I had a “back to basics” moment where I ate less – a lot less.  Monday, I ate over 1500 calories (which is still down from my normal 1900 or so), and rode the bike.  I’m not done eating for today yet, but it looks to be a 1300-1400 calorie day.  I am hungry, but as long as I eat small amounts often, I don’t feel weak or sick.

Today’s weigh-in was 229 lbs.  I’m finally below 230.  I hope to be below 220 by mid-December.

Also, this week, I won’t be riding my full commute at all.  I really need to move closer to work.  I’ve been driving to Jeffersonville, IN to park (for free), and riding from there.  I still get a workout, but with the shorter distance (and cooler weather) I can ride in my work clothes.  I also rode in a business suit today (with my tie flapping in the breeze), but that’s a story for another day.

That Whole ‘Eating Less’ Thing Works!

Most of my weight loss in the last few months has been due to exercise.  When I first started this last year, that wasn’t the case.  I simply cut my food intake dramatically.

I haven’t been exercising much at all for a few days, so I made a conscious effort to eat a lot less.  On Friday my calorie consumption was 1505.  On Saturday I only ate 885 calories.  Today, I’ve eaten 730, but I’m still going to eat something else.

I intend to be back on the bike tomorrow, so I’ll try to eat around 1800 calories or so.

I Must Avoid the Buffet

I ate at a buffet twice in two days.  I did this right after writing about positive reinforcement. <sigh>

I also didn’t ride my bike today.  The recumbent was in the shop getting adjusted.  I could have ridden my other bike, but I was lazy, and lousy weather is an easy excuse.  I am planning on riding tomorrow.


My weight has pretty much plateaued right around 238 lbs.  It’s entirely my fault.  I’ve eaten poorly, and went too many days off of the bike.  I’ve made progress is spurts, then backslide back to where I was.

I’m going to have to put a little more effort into my eating habits.  I can eat fine for three days, then consume 3000 calories in one sitting, and that isn’t helping my weight loss.  I don’t want to deny myself the things I like, that’s not sustainable long-term.  I just need to control the amount of the things I eat.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been skipping tracking my calories on an occasional basis, usually when I’ve eaten too much.

I’ve made excuses for not being on the bike enough.  If I lived closer to work, I’d have someone take my car keys for a few weeks, but I really don’t think I’m ready for a car-free existence, not even on a temporary basis.

I will be taking another ride this weekend.  I’m shooting for 70-75 miles.  I’ll leave early enough that I can get home before dark.  I have a route in mind:

The route is about 75 miles, and it’s a little flatter than the last ride I took.  It does have a few hilly areas, so I’ll get to work the legs some, but hopefully without turning into a pile of rubber.

Don’t let anyone lie to you.  There are no magic pills or diets.  Weight loss is hard!

I’ve Gained Weight

I don’t know how much weight I’ve gained.  My trip last week, and general laziness over the weekend has definitely put me off track.  I intended to ride my bike to work today, but yesterday’s windstorm made a mess of the roads.  I will ride tomorrow.

I’ve been overeating for almost a week.  I haven’t been on a bike ride in a week.  I haven’t rode to work in over a week.  I’ve got to get out of this rut.

Traveling and Weight Loss

Obligations at work mean that I’m spending three days out of town this week.  I’m currently in Goshen, New York to work on a project.  My weight loss efforts are a lower priority for the rest of the week.  I got up at 3:30 A.M. today, took a 6:30 flight from Louisville to Newark, and traveled by car to here.

I worked all day today, then went to an Italian restaurant for dinner.  Now I’m back at the hotel, and getting ready to get some sleep.

There is a fitness center here at the hotel, but I packed light, and don’t have clothing to wear while exercising.  I thought about renting a bike, but exhaustion and time are problems.

I gave up tracking my calories for these few days, and don’t have a scale with me.  Oh well, I’ll be home late Friday, and I’ll get back into my routine.

Still Plugging Along

I’m still working at my weight loss, still losing weight, and still riding my bike.  I feel like there isn’t a lot to post about though.

Anyway, I’m only riding my bike to work three days this week.  I rode yesterday, today was a “lazy day”, I have other plans tomorrow and I need my car, and I plan on riding Thursday and Friday.

My weight has been hanging right at 243.6 lbs for three days.  There is no fluctuation at all.

I’ve been better with my eating, but I have had a six-pack of beer over the last four days.

Sometimes when there doesn’t seem to be much going on, I feel like I’m not making progress.  Then I pull up my spreadsheet, and I can see that I’m down 52.8 lbs.  I can also see that I’m down 16.6 lbs since June 30th when I started tracking my calories again.  So, really, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing for another 68.6 lbs.

Neat Snack

Blueberries are in season!  Okay, they have been for a while.  I’ve been buying them for over a month.  I usually just snack on them plain, but I thought of this:

I mixed 1 cup of fresh, rinsed blueberries with 1 cup of vanilla yogurt.  It made a healthy snack that comes in at 283 calories.

Donuts, Bike Fuel, Dog Food, and Wedgies

Car-free weekdays are getting a lot more common for me. Most days that I ride to work, I’m too tired to do anything else. If I have to make a grocery run, I do it on the bike, as the store is less than two miles away.

When the weekend comes, then I end up using the car. I (obviously) use the car when I decide not to ride to work. However, I rode four days last week, and I’m still on track to ride all five this week.

My food is my fuel for most of my travel now. After a healthy breakfast this morning, I rode to work, and was famished. There was a package of donut holes in the kitchen. A serving (four holes) is 260 calories, so I grabbed a single hole, and ate it. It’s not the highest quality fuel, but it was only 65 calories.

My two dogs eat a fair amount of dog food. I usually buy a 40 lb bag to limit the number of trips to the pet store. A 40 lb bag of dog good is large, yet I’ve lost more weight than that. It still surprises me. Based on the progress pictures, human fat is denser than dog food.

I rode my “wedgie” bike yesterday. It has fenders, and the weather forecast was calling for rain. On the bright side, I didn’t get caught in the rain. On the not so bright side, I rode that bike for no real reason. I’m 2-3 mph slower on it, and the seat hurts me. I never wanted to be one of those recumbent riders who swears off traditional bikes, but I can’t imagine taking a long ride on a traditional bike.

What I Eat, A Typical Day

What I eat now is a bit different than what I was eating before I was bicycling.  Also, much of my recent content has been bicycle related, and that’s not what this blog is really supposed to be about.

Today I consumed about 1720 calories:


  • Kashi GoLean Crunch w/ skim milk
  • Banana
  • Vanilla Yogurt

This is actually a bit heavier than my normal breakfast.  I do find the fiber in the cereal to be good for keeping me full.  It also has quite a few carbs for energy.  Bananas provide potassium, and the yogurt gives extra calcium… and I really like it.


  • Sliced chicken lunchmeat sandwich on rye bread w/ swiss cheese
  • A bunch of grapes

Yes, I have some lunch-making supplies at work.  I usually have a sandwich and fruit.  Sometimes it’s grapes, sometimes it’s bananas.  The sliced chicken, cheap lunchmeat crap is too high in sodium, but I like it.


  • Twix Ice Cream Bar
  • Gatorade

I picked up this snack at a convenience store on the way home.  I was riding my bike, and I felt I needed a little more energy.  I also drank some water from my water bottle.


  • Small pork chop, grilled outside
  • Brussell sprouts

I need protein.  I love brussell sprouts.  It was a quick easy meal.  I need quick easy dinners, as I don’t have a lot of time after getting home before I go to bed.

I also drink black coffee from the time I get to work until around 2 p.m.  I drink water all day long.  I occasionally drink beer, but didn’t today.

Supplements and drugs:

  • Fish oil pills
  • Multivitamin
  • Metamucil fiber supplement
  • Aspirin (or acetaminophen if pain is bad)

The fish oil and vitamins started before the weight loss to help deal with depression.  It seems to work for me, and has other health benefits.  I used to take the fiber regularly, but I don’t do it as often now due to gas.  I take aspirin most days for its health benefits, or, if I’m in pretty bad pain, I’ll take acetaminophen.

That is a list of everything that I consumed today.  Today was typical for a weekday.  My calorie intake does vary.  Sometimes I go out to lunch.  Sometimes I eat a very light dinner.  On weekends my eating is all over the board.

2000 Calorie Meal

I rode to work to back on the recumbent yesterday.  The ride in was great.  The ride home just seemed harder.  Part of it may have been the heat.

By the time I got back to Charlestown I was extremely hungry, and I was too tired to cook.  I stopped at Domino’s at grabbed a pizza.  I strapped it to my rear-rack and went home.

I only intended to eat half of it.  It was only a 12″ medium.  It was gone within ten minutes of getting home.  I looked up the calorie content on calorieking, and found that it was 2000 calories.  So I ate 3320 calories yesterday.

I rode my bike to work again today, determined to burn some of those calories.  I’m planning on riding the rest of this week, plus a group ride tomorrow night.

The (Short) Week in Review

Due to tomorrow being a holiday, this was a four-day work-week.  I only biked to work on one of those days.  I had intended to bike all four days.  There were various reasons for not biking, none of them very good.

On the other hand, I have been tracking my calories, and controlling my eating.  I had been eating too much, especially carbohydrates, and I had not lost weight.

On June 30 my weight was down over 4 lbs to 260.2.  I assumed this was just a fluctuation, but it has continued.  My weight today is 256.2.  This is the lowest weight I’ve been at since starting this.  My last “big” weight loss was April 30, and I’m 3.2 lbs less than that.

I feel good that this is partly due to just the calorie tracking (averaged 1826 calories per day since June 30), and partially a fluctuation.  The bike had little to do with it, because I’ve barely ridden it since Monday.  I will be back on it this weekend, and commuting next week.

Counting Things

This is my life right now:

  • Counting calories
  • Counting every penny spent
  • Counting pounds lost
  • Counting miles ridden

I’m counting calories again, because my eating habits got out of control.  It is enlightening to see how much you really eat.  It’s also helpful to know that if you eat it, you’ve got to count it, no cheating.  I ate 1685 calories yesterday, and 1595 today.

I’m counting money spent, everything, even small cash purchases.  Like my eating, my spending is a little out of control.  Forcing myself to see where it all goes should help.  I just started this today.  I won’t be putting numbers about this on the blog though.

The daily weigh-in needs to be daily.  I’m trying to get back to doing that everyday again.  I was pleasantly surprised with my weight tonight.  I weighed in at 256.8 lbs.  That is the lowest since I started.  I realize it’s just a fluctuation, but I’m going to do my best to keep it there, or below.

My bike has had an odometer since June 17th (two weeks now), and I’ve put 148.7 miles on it.  I’m tracking the mileage on a weekly basis, but I don’t yet have any plans to post that here.  I didn’t ride today.  My legs needed the rest after yesterdays hellish headwind on the way home

I do sometimes feel like I’m spending more time counting things than doing them, but If that’s what I have to do to get my life in order, then it’s worth it.

Ah, Food. I Love Food

I love food.  I have a problem with eating too much of it, and for the wrong reasons.  That is the whole reason for the existence of this website.

I’ve seen almost no weight loss in two months, just fluctuation.  This is discouraging considering the effort I’ve put into biking.

As of today, I’m tracking everything I eat, and the estimated calories, just like I did when I started this adventure.  I done eating for the day, and I’ve consumed an estimated 1685 calories.  That’s pretty good for someone who rode about 34 miles on a bike today.

Putting the food I eat in a list, even without calories counts, makes me aware of what I’m doing wrong.

So, I’m aiming for under 2000 calories per day, and biking to work and back (32 miles round trip) 3 or 4 times a week.  As always, I’ll adjust any of this as I need to.  I’d love to see my average monthly weight drop by 5 or six pounds for several months in a row.

My Eating Habits Are Off-Track Again

My eating habits have been bad recently.  Holidays don’t help, but it hasn’t just been the holidays.  I’m considering tracking everything I eat again to find out where the problems are.

My weight has been holding steady around 260 to 262, but holding steady isn’t going to cut it.  Nobody ever said this would be easy.

A Better Day

The day is young, yet it’s already much better than yesterday.
I intended to do a twelve mile ride. I didn’t quite accomplish that, but I did ride for nine miles. I did it in 58 minutes, so I won’t be breaking any records. I am still out of shape, but improving.
The ride was up Highway 3 from my house. Most of it is two-lane with narrow shoulders. I tried not to think about the cars coming up behind me.
Yesterday’s short ride wasn’t the last for the day. I did end up taking another ride. I didn’t measure the distance, but it was probably less than three miles.
I seem to ride better when I have an actual destination. Today’s destination was the town of Otisco. I didn’t quite make it, but I was close. The next time I go to the park to ride, I need to plan my destination ahead of time.
I’ve had too much beer over the last week. Not too much, as in a drinking problem, but too much that it interferes with weight loss. I think I’m going to go without for a while. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to quit drinking entirely; I enjoy it too much for that. I do need a little more self control though.

Where Have I Been?

My three readers might miss me.  Maybe I only have two readers now.  In any case, I thank both of you!

My life has been crazy in the professional, personal, and mental ways recently.  I haven’t been exercising often enough, but I have done some.  I have, however, quit going out to lunch as often.  I’ve been eating much healthier in general.

Apparently, that has been working for me.  I hadn’t weighed for 12 days.  I was a bit scared of the scale.  However,  I’m down 4.2 lbs.  My total loss so far is 35.8 lbs.

I did spend 50 minutes on the elliptical today.  I really wanted to do more, but my laziness won.

I went out last weekend and bought some new clothes.  I was able to drop a size in my pants.  I was hoping to wait until I could wear a size 38, but I really needed new pants.  I also have lost enough weight that I can tuck in my shirt again, and not look too horrible.

That’s right, losing weight will make me a better dresser.

I think I had the reputation at work of looking like a slob.  Maybe I can fix that too.

I promised more pictures, to better document this process.  I will do it soon, but not today.

Some Progress, Some Setbacks

I went a couple of days without working out.  I’ve been busy, and I’m naturally lazy.

I had been eating well, until today.  I had three slices of pizza and two breadsticks that totaled more than 1300 calories.  It’s also too many carbs this late in the day.

I did workout on the elliptical for nearly 90 minutes today though.  My weight is still trending downward, so I’m happy.

Food and Mood

Saturday night my wife and I went out to eat.  I tried to eat somewhat healthy, but I did drink a beer, and ate too much food.  My calorie intake for the day wasn’t too bad, but it was too many carbs, late in the day.

On Sunday, I felt fat and bloated.  I ate much less food.  I drank a lot of water.  I didn’t have much energy.  I did make a token effort at a workout, but it was difficult.

Today, I am totally exhausted, and feeling a little down.  I hope to have a good workout when I get home, but what I really want is sleep.

I wonder how much effect our diet has on our mood and energy level.  I used to never consider the consequences before, unless large amounts of alcohol were involved.