Sick and Sore, but Having Fun

I’m enjoying my bicycle.  I spent several hours over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday out riding.  The weather was bad today, so I was limited to riding to the end of the road.

I came down sick on Saturday night, but I didn’t let that stop me.  This morning, I was still quite sick, but I really had to go to work, so I did.  I’m quite sore from the riding… I’m probably walking with a limp.  My legs hurt, my butt hurts, but I have a big goofy grin on my face.

I had forgotten how much fun riding a bike can be.  It didn’t use to be this painful when I was younger though.  It’ll get better.

I’m considering driving part of the way to work, finding a safe place to park my car, and riding the rest of the way in.  I’ll get some exercise, won’t have to pay for parking, and won’t have to ride the whole 15 miles.

Today is My Birthday.

I bought myself a birthday present yesterday.  I bought a new bicycle.  It wasn’t expensive, but I actually went to a bicycle shop rather than “super-mega-store”.  I actually bought two bicycles.  One for me, and one for my daughter.

A Bike!
A Bike!

It’s been a few years since I had a bicycle.  The last time I really rode any distance, I could barely breathe.  Yesterday, I was out for about an hour, and I never really got winded.  I guess the time on the elliptical helped out.  Today, I’m a bit sore.

It’s my birthday, so my diet is on hold for the day.  I’ve eaten healthy so far, but I’ll be meeting up later with my wife and daughter.  There will be a lot of food, cake, and ice cream.  I’ve also decided I’m going to have a few beers.

I rode my bike to the liquor store, wearing a stupid-looking backpack, and bought a six-pack of Sam Adams.  It’s not that far.  The round trip was about 15 minutes.  I don’t know that distance, but it can’t be more than a couple of miles.

I hope to spend a lot more time on this thing.