Selling the MudderFning Bikes

Since I rarely ride bikes now, I put most of them up for sale.  The idea was to go down to one bike, and have some cash for medical bills from the kidney stone.  It would also clear out space in the house.  Almost every room in the house has had a least one bike in it.

The Rivendell tandem sold first.  It was a unicorn, valuable, but hard to sell.  It went cheap.  The Trek eBike sold today.

I probably have a buyer for the recumbent, but the seat clamp broke when showing it to her.  I’ve ordered another one, but it won’t be here until middle of next week.

The single-speed was for sale too, but nobody seemed interested, even at a bargain price.  I really like that bike, so I’ll keep it.

The rSogn is the one bike I’ll keep.  It not replaceable.  It’s comfortable.  It does almost everything.

3 thoughts on “Selling the MudderFning Bikes”

  1. Speaking of unicorns – my wife loves it and so do I. Question- are the tires tubeless? Seems like it. ( sorry I do not have your number anymore. The Google is a great tool.)

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