30 Miles

Last year, after my bicycling nosedived, followed by my fitness, I wanted to ride to work again, but I was too out of shape.  I bought a Trek Super Commute 8 to help.  It’s an electric-assist bicycle.  There’s no throttle.  You still have to pedal.  Some consider it cheating.  I considered it a way to get exercise again.  It would have been, had I rode it to work more than a handful of times.

Ignore the terrible saddle angle, the saddle was replaced right away

It sat in my bedroom for far too long.  Today, I rode it to work for the first time in many months.  I can make the 15-mile journey in an hour on this.  The ride home is similar.

I had actually intended to wait for a bit more dieting before worrying about exercise, but with a warm, if somewhat damp, January, it seemed a good time.

I’m glad I rode.  I need to do it a couple of times a week.