Difficult Eating Options, but Good Calorie Count

Ideally, we’d all just eat healthy.  Even when you want to, it can be difficult when on a time crunch and you’re not prepared.

Today was kind of like that for me.  Diane and I were participating in a local HOG (Harley Owners Group) chapter ride.  The weather was decent for January, so off we went… without eating.

We stopped at McDonalds, I had two Sausage McMuffins.  We arrived for the ride, and there were donuts.  I had one.

We rode to lunch at the Parkette Drive-In in Lexington.  I had a cheeseburger and tater tots.

Just a small sample of the 27 bikes on today's ride
Just a small sample of the 27 bikes on today’s ride

We finished up the ride at Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen, where I had a single scoop of chocolate ice cream.

I’ve estimated my calories for the day at 2060.  I don’t think that’s terrible considering the low-quality of the food (from a nutritional sense, it tasted great).