A Start

As I mentioned, I intended to ride to work on Monday… and I did.  I took a reasonably sedate route at 15.7 miles.  Diane had volleyball later, so after work I rode to her sisters house (4 miles) only to find they had already left.  I rode to the volleyball location (2 more miles) and watched them play.

Diane had driven my car there, and it was late when we left, so I loaded my bike on the back and drove home.

The plan is still to ride three days a week.  I can work from home two days, which means not driving to work unless there are extenuating circumstances.  I worked from home today and yesterday.  I’ll be back on the bike in the morning.  It’s packed and ready now.

I do have to ride to the Middletown location tomorrow, which I don’t enjoy much.  Friday will be better, as I’ll be at Riverport.

One thought on “A Start”

  1. Hi,
    I saw on your post “My bikes” that you own a Trek T900 tandem. I saw a rear rack on it. I’m wondering wich kind of rack is it. I own a T900 too and I would like to add a rear rack on it, but I don’t know wich kind I have to choose.
    To mount a rear rack on a bike we need to use two thin metal connecting rods to attach the rack to the upper seat stays. But, with the Trek T900, these connecting rods need to be very long. Can you tell me what is the length of these rods on your rack ? It’s very difficult to find informations on internet.

    I thank you very much

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