Mountain Biking is Hard

On Sunday, I met up with Tim for a quick spin slog though Cherokee Park.  Riding the full-suspension Scott with it’s aggressive position leaves me sore, so I had it at the shop last week for some riser bars.

Riding the Scott through town to get there was fine.  Once on the trails, my lack of fitness was very evident.  I’m in worse shape than since before I started riding.

I’m also not a great mountain biker, and I fell once.  I wasn’t injured, but I’m still sore and I kinked a cable on the bike.

Once the ride was over, Tim and I spent some time over beer, discussing my lack of fitness (the beer isn’t helping).

Luckily, I had brought small lights with me, as it was dark before I headed home.

I worked from home yesterday and today.  I’ll be in the office tomorrow, but I’m not sure what the chances of riding the bike to work are.  I still hurt.