Gout Sucks

As part of my weight gain, I’ve become acquainted with gout.  It’s an extremely painful inflammation of a joint (usually a big toe) due to uric acid build-up.

I seem to suffer from (usually) brief flare-ups that keep me off my feet as much as possible.  My doctor prescribed a medicine to take for the next flare-up, but I decided against filling it due to cost.  Much to my disappointment, I immediately had another flare-up.

I’m fighting this flare-up with a large dose of Naproxen (cheap!), lots of water, and less beer.  I also found that one of those vibrating massagers placed on my foot can help.  This might be the shortest flare-up yet.  It kept me awake for most of one night, but has been much better since.

Prevention is still best.  I’m taking a supplement that is supposed to keep uric acid levels lower.  I’m drinking more water.  I’ve cut back on beer, sugar, and a few other things that are known to cause gout flare-ups.  Also, I’ll be giving up alcohol for the month of January.  Losing 40 or more pounds would also be extremely helpful.

I am going out drinking tonight.  I’ll be safe, and try to stay hydrated.  I’m going to spend the next two nights celebrating the end of the messed-up year.

One thought on “Gout Sucks”

  1. Ugh. That’s a ton of no fun!

    I’ve been pondering restarting my own blog. Your earlier post prompted me to reread a few posts I had made but had not published for assorted reasons.

    So many of the thoughts I have and that I wish to use to punish the world just fit better in a shorter format than blog posts…

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