Weekly Average Weight for January 9, 2016

My average weight for the week ending 1/09/2016:
269.5 lbs

Down from last week:
5.3 lbs

Down since I re-started on 1/1/2016:
5.3 lbs

As promised, the new year brought new resolve to lose weight.  I gave up beer, and have been attempting to ride my bike more.

I was out for 26.6 miles this morning.  I was not fast.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Average Weight for January 9, 2016”

  1. Great job. Just curious how are you tracking other activities? Are you using a wearable? Here’s to a new year!

  2. My only “wearable” is my phone. It tracks bike riding, running, and walking. I also tell it when I play volleyball.

    Mostly I’m trying to stay active and concentrate on the “intake problem”. I’ll remain beer-free for the year. I’m using a spreadsheet to track what I eat.

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