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Yay!  I get to stay employed!  Yay!  I get a week and half off between jobs!  Boo!  I don’t get paid for that time off!

My contract job ends this Wednesday.  It’s been a fun 18 months, but it’s time to move on.  The new job is direct-hire, long-term thing.  Good.  I’m tired of contract.  The pay is good.  The atmosphere seems nice (an arcade machine in the break room, and casual dress code), but the commute has the possibility to be ugly.

Driving, it’s ten miles each way.  Much of that is roads I would not want to ride a bike on.  I can take a 13-mile route on the bike, and have a good stretch of it on a bike path – that even goes through the woods for a while.  That’ll be nice, until winter comes anyway.  They won’t clear the path.

So, I’m looking at riding 26 miles a day, five days a week.  I’ll be getting 130 miles per week just for commuting (assuming I don’t wimp out and take bus/car/Lyft).  This should help with my weight loss (which has restarted since giving up beer on June 1st).  I also hope it improves my fitness.  I still have that goal of racing Gravel Grovel in November.

Until then, I’ll have some spare time for putting in miles.  I’m considering a short tour.  I’ll have to keep it cheap for budgetary reasons.

4 thoughts on “Job News”

  1. Howdy! Good to see a post from you. Congrats on the new job! You don’t seem to have too much trouble finding work, which is awesome. Also congrats on giving up beer for a month. I bet you will lose a pound a day. You could be 25 lbs down by July 1! I need to give up my gin martini habit, too. Or at least cut way back. I have been having one every day after work, and that’s too much. 🙁

    We just had our first anniversary Friday. Married life is very, very nice! I hope your marriage is going well too.

    Take good care,
    Betsey in Chicago

  2. Betsey, Married life is going well. I wouldn’t have brought in a new dog (a few posts down) if things weren’t.

    The job search went on long enough this time that I was quite worried. Luckily, this came through before the current job ended.

    Happy anniversary!

    Not drinking a beer for a month will pay for my next bicycle. 😀

  3. I haven’t looked at my blog list for a while, so hadn’t seen this until today.

    You may remember that my commute to Crestwood was about thirteen miles each way. Your commute from Chucktown involved a nastier road than most.

    Stop by the shop soon. We’ll talk about things.

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