November 23rd Gravel Adventure Ride

Timothy has been putting on Gravel Adventure Rides for the Louisville Bicycle Club.  I attended one last month.

Tim and I went together.  I think we had a total of six riders.  The ride started in New Washington Indiana.  This route is nice for only having one big climb.

My memory isn’t clear, as I didn’t write about it right away.

Timothy and the other riders mostly stayed ahead of Tim and I.  Tim stayed with me.  I was struggling to keep any kind of pace whatsoever.  The first half of the ride, I never took my camera out.

We stopped at Jendy’s Pizza in Hanover.  It started raining at that point.

My new waterproof camera is perfect for rain, but I was too busy to use it.  I let Tim take pictures.

That's me in the distance
That’s me in the distance
Running along the river
Running along the river

The ride was cut a bit short at 35 miles.  I enjoyed getting out, but had a weak day on the bike.

Download file: 2014-11-23.gpx


6 thoughts on “November 23rd Gravel Adventure Ride”

  1. Always enjoy reading your posts…
    Just for kicks…what do you think a good bike would be for a guy starting out riding. I’ve had a giant I’ve used off and on just to go 10-20 miles, but if I wanted to step up to a real bike…any suggestions?

  2. David, I do a little mountain and trying to do road riding.
    What do you do most of? Is touring kind of a hybrid or road and mtn?

  3. Jeremy,
    A touring bike like my (former) Long Haul Trucker is basically a steel road bike with fatter tires, a stouter frame, and lots of places to mount racks and fenders.

    A “touring” bike like my Salsa Fargo is basically a mountain bike without suspension.

    Then there are hybrid bikes, but nobody agrees on what they are. Most are low-end “comfort” bikes. Some are basically road bikes with flat handlebars.

    My hint: Don’t get a bike with suspension unless you’re paying $1000+ for it. Crappy suspension is horrible. None of my bikes have suspension, so I don’t have that issue.

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