A Plan

Yes, I’m tracking all my calories again.  I don’t yet have a specific calorie goal, but I’ll get there.  Just writing it down has kept things in check.  I have had a 3000-calorie day, but I’ve also had a 1000-calorie day.  When I wasn’t tracking, I probably had several 5000+ calorie days.

I’m weighing again every morning, but I’ll just be posting my weekly and monthly averages.  I’ve updated the weight page.

I gave up beer.  It was supposed to be a month, but a social engagement enticed me to have a couple.  That’s okay, I’m tracking the calories of the beer also – and limiting it greatly.

I’ve already had a happier digestive system than I did before.

Diane and I have been a bit more active.  We’ve been walking the dogs more frequently.  We bike-pool to work on the tandem most days.  On Sunday, we took the tandem and trailer on an errand run in parts of town I don’t normally ride.  Those areas have a reputation for not being bike friendly, but we had no issues.

The rig

Due to Diane having an earlier schedule, I just go to work early.  I went in a 6:30 this morning – which meant I got to leave at 3:00.  That’s not a bad deal.

6 thoughts on “A Plan”

  1. You’ll be fine. I’m trying to be more active too. The CA heat is getting bad though! Boy I can remember those 5,000 calorie days. I have to avoid those for sure. Keep it up. It seems like you’re on track.

  2. My weight is up, too. Calories being counted again. Carbs tallied. Beer social only and counted. Running and cycling happening again. Gym tomorrow.

    probably the worst shape I’ve been in in 4 years.

  3. David,
    some friends at work and myself have started using the MyFitnessPal app to track our food intake and our exercise. It is social so it has some built in accountability and it works well. Don’t know how you are tracking your food diary, but this one is pretty simple. It has affected my beer intake because I know I am going to have to put it in my diary for others to see. Just an idea and as always keep up the great work on your healthy journey and the blog – I enjoy reading it!

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