Goodbye Candy

Candy, my yellow lab, has been suffering for a while.  Things started to go downhill about a year ago.   She lost muscle and developed arthritis.  She slept most of the time.

Recently, she hasn’t been willing to eat.  She’s lost a lot of weight.  She’s had bowel and bladder control issues.  She’s had trouble standing up.

Candy, about five years ago

Today, she was taken to the vet for her final visit.  We left there without her.  Her suffering is over.

Candy was the first dog I had as an adult.  This is the first time I had to take a pet to be put down.  I’ll miss her.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Candy”

  1. This made me upset just thinking about putting my Rottweiler Roxy down. She is 4 and has probably lived half her life already. I am sad for you Dave.

  2. So sorry, David. Dogs are the best. I’m glad you had such a sweet girl for as long as you did.

  3. Oh no! It is so damned painful. I am so sorry. I’m sure Candy had a wonderful life with you, and that thought should comfort you.

  4. So sorry about Candy! I fondly remember her as the “sweet one.” That had to be difficult to go through, but it’s good that her suffering is over.

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