Selling Bikes?

I regret selling my Surly LHT.  I want another one.  One way to fund a new one is to sell an existing bike.

Here’s what I currently have:

  • Surly Big Dummy
  • Rawland rSogn
  • Bacchetta Agio Recumbent
  • Salsa Fargo
  • Raleigh Record single-speed
  • Trek T-900 Tandem
  • Specialized Crossroads (Diane’s)
  • Norco VFR4 (Diane’s)

Diane’s bikes and the tandem are staying.  The recumbent is staying.  I don’t ride it much, but when my neck flares up, I need it.  The single-speed is in pieces, but I intend to fix it.  I miss it.  The Rawland is definitely staying.  (Sorry Scott).  That leaves the Fargo and the Big Dummy.

I had decided to sell the Fargo to fund a new LHT.  Then I’d sell the Big Dummy to simplify.  I can’t live without a car now that I’m married to Diane, so we’ll always have her car when needed.  The LHT would be commuter/gravel/touring rig.  I still have a trailer for cargo if necessary.

I brought the Fargo back upstairs (it had been in the basement) to clean it.  I don’t want to sell it, but I don’t ride it often.  I did take it out on an awesome ride back in January, but mostly it just sits.

I have some soul-searching to do on this.

4 thoughts on “Selling Bikes?”

  1. I wouldn’t sell the big dummy….I think down the road you might regret that sale as well.

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