Life is strange.  I’m in a weird place.

Diane and I had a wonderful wedding, and the marriage has been good so far.  Yes, we’ve had an argument, but nothing we won’t get over.  Mostly, things are quite good.  I really have planned on a big post about the wedding, but I think that’s dead now – over a month later.  We wedding was great.  The weather was perfect.  The reception at BBC Taproom was a blast.  I’ll write about the honeymoon – including tandem bike, later.

Wait. I’m married now?

My temporary job has been extended until the end of the year.  I don’t enjoy the job, but being employed is nice.  Work has kept me busy, too busy at times.  I feel like many other things are falling behind.

My doctor has not sent me to physical therapy for my leg/ankle/achilles.  I had my final appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, and he believes all is well.  It could take a year to feel normal again, but I have no more activity restrictions.

I still get swelling and soreness sometimes.  Walking causes more issues than riding the bike.  I still intend to start playing volleyball for the next session.  In the meantime, I need to stretch and work on strength.

I’ve gained weight.  I haven’t been weighing regularly, but I’m about 260lbs right now.  I still drink too much beer.  I’ve left the weight issue on the back burner for now.  I know I shouldn’t, but I feel like I have to finish the transition to married life and fixing financial issues.

Diane and I are trying to fix some financial issues.  We want to own a home someday.  Our spending on beer is down – most due to buying it from a store rather than a bar.

I’m on the bike pretty much every day now.  Diane and I ride the tandem several times a week.  We bike-pooled to work three days this week on the tandem – and plan to do so in the morning again.  We work within a few blocks of each other, so it works.

I seldom ride at a fast pace.  Serious distance would hurt.  This is killing has killed my fitness.

My depression issues have resurfaced again, but in a different way.  I’m able to monitor how I feel.  Maybe I’m just learning a new coping mechanism.  It still sucks, but it doesn’t paralyze me.  I can analyze it.  I can usually avoid hurting others.

I hope to not go another month without posting.  This blog was built on accountability on my weight control.  It’s been failing at that recently.

3 thoughts on “Transition”

  1. That is an adorable picture. And Diane’s flowers are Beautiful! So is she!

  2. Good to hear from you! Please do write a post about your honeymoon trip, ok? Sorry to hear about your depression issues. Are you still taking meds for it? Your sentence about “not hurting others” is very telling. I am wondering if that is linked in with drinking? My ex had depression and drinking problems, and he could be downright cruel at times, then he would feel guilty, which made his depression worse. Not an enjoyable time in my life, for sure.

    Anyway, my own little wedding is coming up in 3 weeks! Nothing fancy, just City Hall with a few friends and family. Dan and I have been practicing for 12 years. Ha ha. We will honeymoon in the Bitteroot Mountains of northern Idaho for 2 weeks in July. I can’t wait for that!

    Hope you are feeling well today, Dave. Enjoy the good weather!!

  3. Elizabeth,
    Yes, I’m still taking an anti-depressant. I’d probably be worse without it. Being able to monitor my mood helps prevent me from yelling or getting too rude. I hope you didn’t misconstrue what I said…

    I’m sure my alcohol consumption is as bad for depression as it is for my gut. I’ve had many thought about giving up my beer, but I just can’t bring myself to do that right now. I have cut back.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You’ll have a much cooler honeymoon than I did. We were pressed for time and money. We did take the tandem bike. I’ll have something posted before long.

    Enjoy the weather? Too late. Wait until you read my next post that I should have up today. 🙂

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