Moving Forward

I haven’t been concentrating on weight loss.  I’m still not weighing myself.  I am on the bike most days now.  I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon later this week where he can tell me I’ve been reckless, but that it’s turned out well.  🙂

Diane and I have ridden together on the tandem and on single bikes.  We had an argument while riding single bikes on Friday night.  It turned ugly, but was fine later.  We’re both out of shape from lack of riding, but she was struggling more than I.  We had both been drinking.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.

I still can’t run.  I still have a limp.  Otherwise I feel mostly normal.  I don’t feel so fragile anymore.  I haven’t done any big rides.  I may not be ready for that.  I need to get back on the scale, back on the bike, and back on track.

Diane and I spent some time on the computer today to print wedding invitations.  She bought pretty paper.  I had to make it work with my laser printer running Linux on my computer with less-than-ideal drivers.  I wasted a lot of plain paper getting it right, but the finished product looks good.

The wedding date is approaching too quickly.  There are too many things to handle.  My medical bills are coming in.  I need to do my taxes soon.  I need to start looking for another job, as this one will be ending soon.  Bleh.  This is the wrong time of year to get married.

I worked on bikes today.  The rSogn has had a flat tire for over a week.  It turns out the rear tire is worn.  The tire came used with the bike.  It’s had enough.  I can see the casing through the tread.  Buying a set of tires is another item to add to the list.  I tuned up the recumbent for tomorrow’s commute.

I know I need to get back on track, but I feel overwhelmed with everything going on.  So instead of worrying about everything, I’m trying to tackle short-term tasks first.  The weight loss isn’t on the radar yet.  :/

Stay tuned.  I’m sure it’ll be an interesting ride.

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. David good to see your still blogging. Life always throws things at you but you seem to be good. I haven’t ridden for about a year now after I had an accident and broke my ribs but I have said April is the month I dust off my bikes and get going as the weather here in the UK is picking up. Onward and upwards

  2. Hey you, give us an update on what the doc said. I hope you are healing up.

    I am back on Weight Watchers, and doing very well. Down 15 lbs in 6 weeks, and fairly painlessly. About 40 more to go. I really like the WW program, even though I hate spending the money. My bad habit is a gin martini along with a snack. When I was behaving badly, it would be a double every day after work with chips and dip. Oy! Now I have a smaller one a couple of times a week, with air-popped popcorn. It makes a huge difference in my weight loss.

    Drinking fights are the worst! Haven’t had one of those in years, but I remember I would wake up the next day and think “now what the heck was that fight even about?” I usually couldn’t remember.

    Hang in there, Dave. All the stuff you need to do will get done a bit at a time. I feel your pain, we are getting married June 6, and I have a bunch of stuff to do as well. Take care!

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