When Will I Notice Progress?

This is frustrating.  I have good days and bad days.  Today is firmly a bad day.  I haven’t left the house and have no plans to until tomorrow.

After my post-surgery follow-up doctor visit, I was given a boot to wear.  They removed the sutures and sent me on my way.  I’m still not weight-bearing, so I’ve been enjoying the new Knee Rover.

Knee Rover at the office

The knee rover does well for most things, but is actually a bit awkward in tight spots – like at home.  I managed to fall while trying to negotiate the kitchen.  I hadn’t put my boot on yet, and I put my foot down to attempt to stop the fall.  It was excruciating pain.  It felt like I re-ruptured the tendon.

I went back to the surgeon, where he tells me that I probably didn’t rupture it again, but even if I did, there isn’t anything else to do until I heal more.

Since then, I’ve been more careful (and leave the boot on more).  I’m paranoid as hell that the two ends of the tendon aren’t going to heal, and that I’ll be gimpy from now on.

I know I have weeks left to heal before I can even think about physical therapy or weight-bearing.  The wait is killing me.  I want to ride a bike again.  I want to walk normally.  Instead I can simply scoot around.

Diane takes me to work when she can.  When she can’t, I take the bus.  The recent weather has made that challenging at times.

The Knee Rover is not great in the snow

I work on the second floor of a building without an elevator.  Luckily, there’s a chair lift, so I take that up to my office – with my “scooter” in my lap.

I know I’m being pretty negative.  On the positive side, the Knee Rover works well for me.  I can walk (scoot) around outdoors without worrying too much about cracks in the pavement.  I can do the occasional step (although more than two in a row is a challenge).

The Knee Rover was poorly assembled when it arrived.  I’m glad I checked it over.  After a few minutes  with a wrench, it wasn’t ready to spontaneously disassemble anymore.  Other than that, it’s a neat product.  I like the basket – it’s hard to carry things otherwise.  I put bicycle lights on it – for those night trips to the bar.

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  1. I’m so sorry, Dave! It makes it even worse for you that this is such a crappy, snowy winter. I hope you have more and more good days from now on. Hang in there!

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