Slow Recovery

I’ve been home since Saturday afternoon.  We stopped at Four Pegs for a beer before heading home. That was probably a mistake – I had trouble navigating through the door with the walker and I banged my foot.  I hurt bad enough that I didn’t feel well enough to drink the beer.

Getting up the back steps at home was worse.  I had to sit and scooch myself up backward.  Trying to stand after that was difficult and painful.

The spare bedroom has become the main bedroom.  It’s closer to everything.  I have no reason to go to the front bedroom, office, or living room.  I stay in bed most of the time.  I shuffle with my walker to use the bathroom or let the dogs out.  When Diane is home she takes care of most things for me.  When she’s not I sometimes have to get creative.  I keep a full coffee pot here in the bedroom with me.  If I run out, it’s problematic to carry a full coffee pot back – and a full cup is out of the question.  I need a basket on the front of the walker.

I’ve updated my weight page, but I’m not weighing at this point.  It’s not worth the extra movement.  Although I can move, getting vertical causes blood flow down into the legs, which really hurts the bad one.  I try to stay horizontal as much as possible – with the bad leg propped on a pillow.

I have Percocet here for pain, but I’ve found it does little good.  I’ve never had luck with narcotic pain killers.  I’ve been taking ibuprofen throughout the day, and I save the Percocet for bedtime so I can sleep.  I’m having mixed results.

I have my laptop, phone, and Kindle all with arm’s reach.  So far I haven’t been too bored.  Some cheesy sci-fi material keeps me interested.  I surf the web when I’ve had enough of reading.

Today, being Monday, has me making phone calls.  I set up my follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  I rescheduled a dentist appointment that I’m just not ready to go to yet.  I’m having issues with my HSA account since switching insurance plans, so I spent considerable time on the phone with Humana.  Unfortunately, the bank that holds the account is closed for the holiday today, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.  I hate the bureaucratic bullshit that goes with dealing with any large company.  Their mistake becomes my problem to solve.

Although I’m grumpy, the peace and quiet of downtime has been kind of nice.  I know that won’t last before I get stir-crazy though.  Hopefully moving around will be less painful by then.

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  1. Hang in there! It has to help a bit that this happened during crappy weather, right? If it was 70 and sunny outside it would be even more of a bummer!

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