Down and Out

I had an appointment with my family doctor this morning.  The Achilles tendon is fully ruptured.  The next few months are going to suck.

Oddly enough, I woke up pain-free this morning.  I can hobble around slowly and carefully without crutches.

I can’t drive.  It’s my right ankle, and I’m totally unable to flex my foot downward to push on the brake or gas pedal.  I’m not going to attempt to drive left-footed.  That would probably lead to an accident.

The borrowed antique crutches were replaced with modern aluminum ones, for a measly $5.50.  It’s nice to have friends with access to such things.

Diane was working today and had the car.  Her sister took me to my doctor appointment.  Her mother drove me back home.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with an orthopedic doctor.  Then I’ll know whether I’ll be having surgery or not.  I’ll probably be outfitted with ones of those ugly moon boots.

Although I could pedal a bike well enough, I can’t ride a bike.  I’d probably put the wrong foot down when stopping and hurt myself worse.  The bikes are staying parked.  I’ll clean them, tune them, and look at them.  I’ll get back on a bike when the ortho says so.


3 thoughts on “Down and Out”

  1. I am so sorry, Dave. Sending healing vibes your way. Do everything the doctor says, and get well soon.

  2. Big bummer. Here’s hoping you heal fast, and are able to focus your energies on other things that will pay off when the foot is better and the air warms.

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