Uh Oh

Today was the first day of the new session of volleyball.  I had a new team with a player new to the league.

We were struggling to keep up during the first game (of three).  We still had a chance, and we played well.  They were playing better.

About halfway through the first game, during a play, I thought one of my teammates had kicked me in the back of the ankle.  I went down.  Anger turned to confusion as I realized there was nobody behind me.

I sat for a minute, in the middle of the court, trying to asses the damage.  It still just felt like I got kicked in the ankle.  I decided to stand, and realized I couldn’t.  I hobbled off-court and sat in a nearby folding chair.

Then the pain came.  It was bad enough I felt cold, clammy, and a bit woozy.  Two guys helped me to the bleachers.  Someone else brought a bag of ice.

As the ice numbed the pain, I felt better and watched my team get beat all three games.  They tried hard.  They played decently.  The other team played better.

One of my teammates is a doctor.  After the games, she checked my ankle and she’s afraid I may have torn my Achilles Tendon.  Is it a small tear?  Is it completely ruptured?  Is it just strained?  I don’t know.  I’ll be making an appointment with a sports medicine doctor ASAP.

I was loaned some (antique?) crutches.  I can’t really walk without them.  There isn’t much pain now, but things don’t feel right.  I have little strength in that leg.

This sucks.  Unless it’s just a strain, I’m out of volleyball for the session.  I’m off the bike.  I can’t even drive, as it’s my right foot and I can’t press on the pedals.  Luckily, I can work – as long as I can get there.

I won’t be working tomorrow, as I intend to be at a doctor.  I’ll post another update once I know how much damage was done.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this! I hope it’s not serious, Dave. Please keep us posted.

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