New Year’s Day Ride

Four years ago, Tim and I went on a New Year’s Day ride.  That day it was bitter cold and our ride was rural southern Indiana.

We did another New Year’s Day ride today, but it was urban.  He rode his Mukluk, and I rode the Big Dummy.  It was quite the odd couple of bikes.

Mukluk and Dummy

The weather today was pleasant.  Temperatures were in the low-to-mid thirties.  I did underdress a bit, and would get cold if we stopped long.

We wandered around town, on and off road.  Tim did some bird-watching.  We came across a group of runners.  We ran into some cyclocross racers that he knows training some young racers (10 to 16 years old or so).

We meandered along the river.  We never went fast.  Not with him on a fatbike.

Louisville skyline

We had two coffee stops.  I had a coffee and snack at each.

Tim’s write up is here.  He takes better pictures.