Stupid Bike Stuff and Commuting

Earlier in the week, Diane and I attended a party of a family friend.  We rode the tandem there in the freezing rain and snow.  The tandem was decorated in Christmas lights, and we got a lot of positive comments.

Later in the week, we stopped at the Bluegrass Brewing Company Taproom after I got off work.

I’m having trouble motivating myself to ride to work.  I took the bus several times.  The Big Dummy had rear wheel issues.  Those are fixed.  I need to ride the bike.

I’m unhappy with having to lock the bike up outside.  Diane no longer cares about her old bike (that we got for free).  I set it up tonight for tomorrow’s commute.  It’s cheap enough that the idea of theft isn’t so scary.  It may be a step-through frame that’s several sizes too small, but I don’t have to ride far.