I Have Been Riding

Being between jobs, I’ve had some extra time.  I have been on the bike, but not for any long rides.

I met up with Tim, Asher, and Drew on Thanksgiving morning.  Timothy joined us later.  It was a cold morning.  My feet didn’t stay warm.  Drew had painfully cold fingers.  We cut it a tad short and stopped for coffee.

rSogn at cold meeting spot

Black Friday morning brought me an errand ride to Jeffersonville (not shopping).  From there I rode to New Albanian to meet up with the KyMBA crew, then riding back to Louisville with them.  It was interesting to use the Big Dummy as a mountain bike.

Later in the day on Black Friday, Diane and I did some bar-hopping on the tandem.

Saturday brought out the battery-powered Christmas lights for the tandem and Big Dummy.  Then Diane and I rode to Apocalypse for beer.

We were hauling growlers of beer

I was supposed to race Gravel Grovel on Saturday, but I had already decided against it.

I’ve been pulling domestic duty recently.  I haven’t started the new job, and Diane is working full-time.  Staying home, doing dishes, and spending time with the dogs isn’t all bad – especially during cold weather.

Decorated Dummy

4 thoughts on “I Have Been Riding”

  1. I really like the lights on the Tandem. Are you using the rechargeable batteries to power them? (And if so, how’s the run time?)

    I still haven’t lit up the Tricross. I did finally shift enough crap in the garage to let Denis get the truck inside, though.

  2. Asher,
    I have four total sets of lights (two on the tandem, two on the Big Dummy). They use AA batteries. I’m using rechargeables on some, and some disposables I had laying around.

    In previous years the disposables lasted the whole season. I don’t know about the rechargeables yet.

  3. The lights are awesome! I bet you get a lot of smiles from people who see you ride by.

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