Diane rode her bike to my work.  We went out for a beer.  On the way home she was complaining about not having her car.

We were home for about 20 minutes when we got a call from LMPD.  They had located her car, and arrested the thief.  The car was a mere 2.5 miles away.  We rode there on the tandem.  The car only has minor damage, and is drivable.  They used the center console as an ashtray.  All the belongings from the car were gone.


She drove her car home, and I rode the tandem home solo.

Poor car

I’m a tad disappointed.  I had hoped her car-free adventure would last a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “Recovered”

  1. Times are tough. Found stolen cars cropping up all over. It’s like the Great Depression, except the opposite.

  2. I hate people sometimes. I just can’t imagine taking something that wasn’t mine. And the thought of how upset the person I stole from would be would have me wracked with guilt. Don’t these thieves have any human feelings at all? Anyway, I’m glad Diane got her car back, and I hope she didn’t lose anything too valuable from the inside. Living in Chicago, I never carry much more than an umbrella in my car. I even had my side window smashed for tollway change once.

  3. Insurance cover any of the losses or damage? Society has really tanked. Mother nature has to be ready to hit re-set on humanity.

  4. 99% or so of people wouldn’t steal something belonging to someone else. That aspect of humanity doesn’t bother me. It’s the larger percentage that view something as theirs that isn’t (roads, belief systems, etc).

    The car was covered, but since it was recovered with little damage, it wouldn’t be worth the $500 deductible. The missing belongings are not covered. We don’t have homeowners or renters coverage. We would have come out ahead if the car hadn’t been recovered. That’s the twisted state of modern society.

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