One Less Car?

One Less Car.  That phrase is often seen on bicycles… not my bicycles, but I’ve seen it around.

It’s a good phrase for today.  With the cooler weather, Diane wasn’t going to ride her bike to work today.  She did yesterday, but last night’s cold front changed her mind.

I didn’t mind much.  She usually wants me to ride with her when she rides, so I could stay in bed for a couple more hours.

Today was different.  Her car was gone.  Somebody stole her car on Halloween night.  It’s not a valuable car.  It’s not a nice car.  Somebody is/was joyriding it, or is using it to commit a crime.

A police report was made.  A call to the insurance company followed.  Then we rode our bikes together to her workplace.

This is not how the morning was supposed to go.

6 thoughts on “One Less Car?”

  1. Thanks guys.

    The car was insured. If it isn’t recovered in ten days they’ll pay for it. That will at least get her another car.

    I’d like for her to remain car-free, but that isn’t going to happen.

  2. Many years ago I had someone break into my car to steal the stereo. It had a CD player, but it was a sub-$100 one, pretty much the cheapest one available. It cost more to replace the broken window than the stereo was worth. I hate thieves.

  3. Stolen car? More money in your pocket for bikes! I got rid of my car 23 1/2 years ago and I cycle everywhere. I’m 65 and physically fit.

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