Crazy Tandem Stuff

Saturday, Asher and Denis brought their recently acquired tandem over for a two-tandem ride.  I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures, but we rode 15-ish miles around town, through Cherokee Park, out to dinner, out for beer, and finally stopped for ice cream.  Asher wrote more about it.

Sunday, Diane and I wanted to ride across the Second Street Bridge and over into Indiana.  She wanted to see some of the Jeffersonville businesses.

Preparing the tandem – note: stoker saddle angle is no longer like that

After meandering around Jeffersonville a bit, Diane decided she wanted to run by Home Depot for some supplies for a project.

The nearest Home Depot was in Clarksville, and not in a very bike-friendly area.  Luckily, Diane isn’t really scared of traffic.  We headed up Eastern Boulevard then onto Lewis and Clark.  These are busy, multi-lane roads that rarely see bike traffic.  We had no issues.

We stopped at O’Charley’s for lunch and beer.  It’s not my favorite place, but it’s hard to find a good place out in suburbia.  They did have Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, so I was happy.

Mmmm. Beer.

Yes, I wore “visibility green”.  Diane prefers more normal clothes – and she doesn’t wear a helmet.

She had Blue Moon

There was no place to lock up at Home Depot.  We just wheeled the bike in and left it near the service desk.  We were there to pick up molding for a project.  It was simple enough to secure it to the bike frame with bungee cords.

Hauling molding

After leaving Home Depot we took a fairly direct way back to Louisville.  CycLOUvia was going on, and we at least wanted to check it out.

Costume and a highwheel

As expected, there seemed to be a good turnout at CycLOUvia.  We went slowly to avoid little kids, rollerbladers, dogs, and crowds of people just standing around.  We didn’t stop at any of the bars along the way.  They were all too crowded.

Ian towing his daughter and her bike

I saw a number of people I know.  We stopped and talked to some of them.  Apparently Tim was there, but I never saw him.

We wandered home and changed clothes.  We had a play to attend.

After changing clothes, we stopped at Four Pegs for a drink and a quick bite to eat before heading to Actors Theatre, where we have season tickets.  We saw The Mountaintop.  Afterward was a slow ride home in the dark.

Both saddles on the tandem are less than ideal, and we both were sore.  We rode 33 miles.  This was Diane’s longest ride, and my longest on the tandem.  I still hurt from that saddle.

In addition to new saddles, the bike needs fenders.  I’d eventually like to outfit it with a front rack for hauling more for overnight camping trips.

I’m really happy with the way Diane and I are riding this bike.

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