New Tires on the Tandem… and Some Rain

When the tandem was new, it had some heavy-duty 26″x2.0″ tires on it.  The previous owner replaced them with completely slick 26″x1.2″ road tires.

The slick tires just aren’t my style.  They are too narrow.  The originals are too wide, and had too much tread.

I had some errands to run – including taking the tandem to the bike shop on Saturday.  I rode it alone in the rain.  I had to be careful with narrow, slick tires on the wet roads.

Once I got home, I switched out the tires to new Panaracer Pasela 26″x1.75″.  They’re reasonably light, have a little tread, but not much, and are wide enough for comfort.


Once the weather cleared, Diane and I headed out for a beer.  We got caught in a heavy downpour on the way home.  Diane can still laugh about it.


When we got up this morning, the news was full of stories of flooding and water rescues.  No wonder the police were giving us weird looks last night riding the tandem in the rain.

Next up for the tandem?  Fenders.

Needs fenders

One thought on “New Tires on the Tandem… and Some Rain”

  1. I would love to have some of that rain out west Dave. Seems to never rain here! I guess riding around in a down pour would get you some interesting looks. Looks fun though.

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