After my last post, early on a Sunday morning, Tim contacted me – interested in checking out the Parklands.  This is a new metro-area park on the extreme east end of the city.  There’s the paved Louisville Loop portion and a few off-road trails.

I grabbed my Fargo – for good off-road ability, and rode over to Tim’s house.

Connectivity to the Parklands for central Louisville is sketchy by bike.  We loaded bikes onto his car and headed out.

It was a nice day.  There were a lot of people out enjoying the park.  We went to the unfinished portions of the Loop, and rode through waist-high grass.  We eventually turned around and went the other way.  We checked out what few mountain bike trails we could find.  Only one was quite good (and challenging).

I didn’t take any pictures worth sharing.  Tim took quite a few.

It’s not a park I’ll visit very often, but I can see the appeal for the riders who don’t want to deal with traffic – especially if they live in the east end.

After a good morning of riding, we finished up with a beer.  It wasn’t a bad way to spend a Sunday.

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