Cool Weather and Laziness

Friday was the beginning of Louisville Craft Beer Week.  Many of my favorite places were having interesting events going on.  I also had a planned 50+ mile ride for Saturday morning.  I needed to control my alcohol consumption so I could get up in the morning.

By the time I left work on Friday my mood wasn’t the greatest.  I rode home and ate dinner with Diane.  I didn’t intend to take out my frustration on her, but I think I did a bit.

We left on bikes and rolled out to the BBC Taproom.  There was one beer (a barleywine) that I really wanted to try.  I had the one beer, Diane had a different one.  We ran into Timothy, but he had driven.  Boo!

Bike parking at BBC is non-existent.  That didn’t stop about six people from locking up to random things nearby.  Maybe they should put in a bike rack.

We decided to go back to our neighborhood and visit Four Pegs.  Four Pegs has become my usual haunt.  It’s walking distance from home, has good beer, and the people are friendly.

This time, Four Pegs was insanely packed.  It was standing room only.  We each ordered a beer and went out on the patio and stood around.  There was no available seating there either.

We called it a night early, with little beer, and went home.  Diane had to be to work at 6:00, and I had planned to ride with Tim in the morning.

I find alarm clocks to be horribly rude and annoying.  Saturday morning was no different.  I felt sleep-deprived.  I had gotten up early with Diane on Friday and rode with her to work.  Although I was in bed for 8 hours, I didn’t sleep well.  I sent Tim a text that I wouldn’t be making the ride.  Diane decided to drive to work since I wasn’t riding with her.  I went back to sleep.

I woke a few hours later, downed some coffee and read a short book on my Kindle.  I didn’t want to be a useless lump all day, so I decided to get something done before Diane got off work.

I did the yardwork.  I did a thorough job, with dog mess cleanup, trimming, mowing, cleanup, and even cutting the vines that grow through the privacy fence from the neighbor’s yard.   Diane arrived home just as I was putting stuff away.

I’ve had several tasks nagging me for a while.  Diane and I walked to the hardware store.  I bought a new screen for the back door, a new light fixture for the basement, a new outdoor electrical outlet to replace the broken one by the grill, and the weird little roller-like tool for pushing the spline in place when installing screen.  Spline is a new (in this context) word I learned during the process.

After getting back home with the haul, Diane ran to buy some beer for us (on the bike!) while I got busy with the electrical outlet.  The outlet is dead.  Apparently there’s some wiring damage – probably underground where I can’t get to it.

Diane came back, and helped me with the screen and basement light.  All went well there.

After cooking and eating dinner, we took a quick trip to Four Pegs again.  They weren’t nearly as busy.  We didn’t drink much, as we both had early mornings coming up again.

We were up at 5:00 again.  Diane jumped up and started getting ready for work.  I hid under the blankets trying to stay warm.  I don’t have a ride planned, but I hope to get out.  I didn’t feel like getting out early with Diane, so she drove again.  Oh well.  We are both being lazy.

It’s now 6:30.  I’m dressed in warm clothes and sipping coffee at the computer.  It’s still quite cool outside, but it’s supposed to get up to near 80.  It’ll be another perfect day to be on the bike.  The real question, is will I bother?