Sunday Metric

On Sunday, September 8th, Tim and I headed out to get some “dumb miles” in.  This wasn’t to be a terribly fast ride, but it wasn’t to be an urban ramble either.

We met for coffee at Breadworks.  We then headed through Cherokee Park for a warm-up before heading across the bridge and into Indiana.  I didn’t take many pictures, but we did spot this heron on Beargrass Creek.

Heron looking for food

We rolled through Jeffersonville and up Utica Pike.  Sunday morning traffic was light along the river and it was a pleasant ride.  Tim and I picked up the pace on the mostly flat section and probably did our legs a disservice.

Waterline Road is a long, but not steep, climb away from the river.  We crossed Highway 62 and the terrain got a bit lumpier.

Eventually we were on part of my old 11-mile loop I used to ride when I lived in Charlestown.  It’s strange.  I cut my cycling teeth on the rolling hills out there, yet now, they punish me.  I’ve lost fitness.

After arriving in Charlestown, we stop in a convenience store for sugar, salt, and water.  Junk food and bottled water (and a chocolate milk) were the perfect mix.

rSogn and Blueridge

We left Charlestown, taking the more direct route on Highway 62 back to Waterline Road and (mostly) back the way we came.  We rolled through town before heading our separate ways to go home.

I was home my 1:00pm with 62 miles – 100 kilometers – a metric century.  We could have pulled it off by noon had we not spent an hour at Breadworks beforehand.

I have an Imperial century (100 miles) coming up later this month in Michigan.  This is preparation.

Later, I rode the Big Dummy, hauling Diane on the back, to Actors Theatre to catch a play.  My legs were quite sore by the time I got up for work on Monday.

My GPS track from the ride is here:

Download file: 2013-09-08.gpx

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  1. I think we’ve all “lost fitness” but it sounds like you’re doing pretty darn well to me!
    Best of luck and enjoy the century.

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