Bike Hike?

On Sunday of last weekend (August 25th), Tim and I decided to check out a green squiggle on the map that denoted an unknown-to-us bike path in Southern Indiana.

It happened to be the same day that Ironman Louisville was taking place.  We took in some of the sights of the bike portion of the race in our meandering path.  Crossing the river on the Second Street Bridge, we could see the lines of swimmers and support watercraft down the river.


We took our usual route through Clarksville and into New Albany.  We began the climb up Corydon Pike, but turned off on Highwater Rd.  From there, there’s a cut-through up a steep rocky hill.  This was more of a hike than bike riding.  I ripped my jersey on thorns.  It was slow going.

After making it to the top, we realized we weren’t alone.

It’s a Jeep thing…

A man was driving a Jeep – slowly and carefully – down the next hill.  His girlfriend waited at the top – probably worried he was going to roll the vehicle.  Once he reached the bottom, he walked up to help her down.  She was wearing flip flops, not ideal footwear for the terrain.

They were pleasant, and even offered us a ride.  We declined.  Had we known how difficult this would be, we may have accepted the offer.

Hilly and rugged, but not untouched by people

The hiking portion was only about a mile, but it was brutal.  Very little of it was rideable, which meant even the downhill portions were difficult.  I fell once – while dismounting my bike and managed to roll down a small hill.  Luckily the ground nearby was soft and sandy.

Climbing into the blue

There were some nice vistas.

Distant cityscape

Much of the trail was exposed to the hot sun.  There were some pleasant areas with shade.

Shady wonderland

We eventually came to an actual road again – Old Corydon Rd.  We meandered to a fast food restaurant for salty fries and sugary drinks.  Once replenished, we moved along the pleasant Quarry Rd before diving downward on Old Vincennes Rd and back into New Albany, then Louisville.

In retrospect – we’re two fat guys in our 40s riding road-ish bikes on terrain that was almost too hard for us to hike.  We rode 20 miles to get there, and 20 to get back.  I think we’re bordering on clinically insane.  I don’t have a problem with this.

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  1. “I don’t have a problem with this” seriously cracked me up. You are an adventurer! Good for you.

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