Diane’s N+1

When I met Diane, she thought the idea of having more than one bike was just silly, yet I had five.

She didn’t have a bike.  She borrowed my daughter’s for a while, but eventually we scored a free one.  A free bike is a good bike, but this thing was heavy.  She also didn’t like the color.

During a visit to On Your Left Cycles she spotted a blue-ish bike she liked.  It wasn’t quite her size, but they could order one.  She wasn’t ready to commit, so we went home and read up on other options for the price range.

When said and done, she really liked the one at OYLC.  I called and and order was placed.  She’s had her new bike less than a week, but she likes it much better.  It’s lighter, fits better, and has better shifters.  She loves the color.  It’s a Norco VFR4.

Diane and her new bike

She’s not a high-mileage rider, but she rides often enough to put in impressive monthly numbers.  She rode 146 miles in June, 87 in July (we were in San Francisco, cutting into ride time), and 168 in August.

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