A Good Influence

Diane is a good influence on me.  She’s more about home-cooking and less drinking.  She enjoys helping me cook (or me helping her…)  I’m buying beer at the store, but I’m only having one or two a day.  I’m saving money by not going to the bar.

Her daughter and mother came over for a cookout over the weekend.  It was enjoyable.

Some people have commented that we are “moving too fast”.  Well, we’re not living together, just spending a lot of time together.

If things do get more serious, my life will go through a few adjustments:

  • We’ll have a TV.  She’s not going to live without one, and I can handle it if we’re using internet-based shows and OTA broadcasts instead of paying for cable.
  • She’ll keep her car.  I’ll continue to get around by bike, but have a car available when needed.
  • She’s financially frugal.  I’ve spent the last few years spending too much money on bikes, bars, restaurants, and coffee.  I’ll need to adjust my budget and my habits.  I’ve already started on this.
  • She wants to lose weight and get healthier.  This will involve more walking.  She seems to have some interest in riding a bike too.

I played volleyball Monday, and Diane attended, mostly just to watch.  She was sitting up on the deck, wearing sunglasses and watching us play.  Then I remembered seeing her last year.  I didn’t know her then, and don’t remember talking to her, but we had at least seen each other before.

We’re planning on going camping this weekend.  It could be interesting with cool overnight temperatures and a chance of rain.  I’ll try to take pictures.

4 thoughts on “A Good Influence”

  1. If you’re good for each other that’s all that matters. A wise lady once said, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let her go.”

  2. Enjoy your new relationship! It sounds like you are going to have a fun and healthy summer.

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