A Familiar Feeling

In 2008 and 2009 I felt better mentally and physically than I had since I was a child.  Not surprisingly, this is when I lost most of the weight that I did.  It was neat to discover that I actually had ribs.

Moving into town in 2010 so I could live car-free tempted me with all of these wonderful places to eat and drink within a short distance.  My neck issue flared up.  I didn’t do as many long rides.

I’ve gained weight.  I’ve gotten lazy.  I’ve been using a bus and a cab to get around at times.  This has bled through to other aspects of my life.  I’ve not been keeping my house clean.  I’m been drinking too much.  I put off grocery shopping – which leads to more eating out.  I spend a lot of time moping and not being productive.

Yesterday, I did get out and go grocery shopping.  I rode the Big Dummy to work today.  After work I ran to get my hair cut.  There was a one-hour wait, so I went to a sub shop next door for a cheap sandwich.

After I got home, I felt the normal “bleh – I don’t want to do anything” feeling, but I ignored it and cleaned the house.  My house is now cleaner than it’s been in two years.  Now I just need to keep it that way.

Having clean house makes me happy.  If I’m home more often (because I’m not eating out) I’ll have more time to keep the house clean.  My dogs will get more attention.

So, the “no beer” thing continues for a while.  I like the way I feel today.

2 thoughts on “A Familiar Feeling”

  1. HEY! What do you mean it’s the cleanest its been in 2 years?!?! I know for a fact it was cleaned during that bike event you had guests for! 🙂

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