More Adjustments

I rode my bike to work four days last week.  I still don’t feel much like a cyclist, but pushing myself out the door is getting a little easier.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, but I spend the day running errands on the bike and doing housework.  I hauled a large load of groceries on the Big Dummy

Dummy load

I’m still drinking too much beer.  I love beer, but every time I try to cut back, my consumption climbs back up in short order.  I may have to give it up entirely.  I’m tired of still being fat.


I’ve pondered the idea of a paleo-diet multiple times.  I tried it once.  I wasn’t able to stick to it.  I lost my weight before with calorie counting and sensible eating (and little beer).  I’m not going to do the paleo-diet.  I’m going to eat a sensible diet, mostly home-cooked, mostly non-processed, and heavy on the plant matter.  I’m not going vegetarian, but smaller amounts of meat, and larger amounts of vegetables are in order.

The bicycling situation is complicated.  I’m out of shape.  I’m slow.  I can putter around town all day, but longer rides are hard.  I’m mostly limited to riding the recumbent.  I need to take off on some long solo rides, but time and weather have been limiting factors.

I feel like I need to take a break from worrying about the cycling for a while.  I can work on other issues in my life in the meantime.  So, I don’t care about bike miles.  I care about getting around by bike.  I care about making my house a more pleasant place to live.  I care about cooking healthy meals at home.  I care about spending more time with my dogs.

I used to have an exercise mat.  I should replace it.  I need to do some strength-training.  I’m getting too old to ignore my upper body.

Maybe it’s not too late to rescue this calendar year.

3 thoughts on “More Adjustments”

  1. For what it’s worth, taking a break from worrying about cycling sounds like a great plan. You’re car-free,so you’re going to ride your bike at least some, and maybe what you really need is a good break from worrying to bring the joy back into it. Consider it an “off season,” a chance to refuel and refresh — whatever takes the stress out of it.

    I don’t think it’s anywhere near too late to salvage this calendar year, either — it’s not even April; the fair-weather riders of the world are still largely indoors right now. As things warm up and the weather becomes irresistable, I’m sure you’ll get back out there.

  2. Ride for the joy of riding. Well transportation too. But it should be fun. If you have to, disconnect the bike puter and just ride out in the country. It’s hard to do sometimes, but try to be a kid on a bike again.

  3. If drinking causes a problem in your life that you would not have if you didnt drink, then you have a drinking problem. Its as simple as that. No one NEEDS alcohol. I’ve been there. Stop lying to yourself.

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