Dating Sucks

I signed up for a dating site.  Date #1 was a no-show.  Date #2 didn’t seem interested.  Date #3 was fascinating, but eventually it was obvious she wasn’t interested.

There was a #4, but we never set up a date.  We had some nice email conversations.  I don’t know if she lost interest or is just too busy.

What I discovered is that:

  • It’s an emotional roller-coaster
  • I need to stay true to myself
  • Looking for someone is the best way to never find them

It was hard for me to be happy while actively seeking someone.  I was willing to give up my car-free, tv-free lifestyle.  I think I was going about it all wrong.

I’ve closed my dating site accounts.  I’m going to remain car-free and tv-free, not because of any “greater calling”, but because that’s what I want.

A friend told me to “be true to yourself”.  I will.  I’m going to live my life.  Maybe I’ll find someone to share it, maybe I won’t  Either way, I can be happy being me.

Not dating means I’m more productive and less stressed.  So be it.


One thought on “Dating Sucks”

  1. Aww, Dave, I’m sorry you have had a rather rotten experience with these recent dates. It is so tough to put yourself out there, I know. Be true to yourself and your very excellent car-free and t.v.- free lifestyle, relax and let things happen natually. I met my boyfriend in a swimming class at a junior college 11 years ago. I was freshly divorced and absolutely not looking for love, just to get out of the house and get some exercise.

    You live in Louisville, right? I would think there would be clubs, classes, lessons, group activities for you to enjoy, to get out of the house and meet new people of both genders. A photography class? Art class? Gardening? Look at your local Y or park district for ideas. Summer is coming! Look for a horseshoe tossing league. Or a walking club? Just try to enjoy yourself, and good luck!

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