Would You Date a Sweaty Bike-Riding Guy With No Car?

I mentioned I had a date tonight.  “L” and I were to meet in Okolona – a southern part of Louisville.

The trip there was interesting.  I rode my rSogn to work this morning, because it’ll fit on a bus rack.  I intended to hop the 18 bus down there after work and ride back.  Preston Highway during rush hour doesn’t appeal to me.

When the 18 arrived, it already had two bikes on front, and the bus was pretty crowded.  Oh well. Off I go, wearing my work clothes.

I took the lane all the way down Preston Highway, almost to Outer Loop.  How many rude or dangerous drivers? Zero.  It was actually quite nice.  Traffic was heavy, but people were courteously changing lanes to pass.

I made better time than the 18 bus for most of the trip.  It passed me near Fern Valley Rd, and it still had those two bikes on the front.

On the return trip I came right back up Preston Highway, again, no issues.  There was lighter traffic, but it was moving faster.  I was well lit – three tailights, dyno-headlight, and a reflective vest.  Two LMPD officers passed me without even looking twice.

The date itself didn’t seem to go well. At least the 23-mile bike ride was nice.

2 thoughts on “Would You Date a Sweaty Bike-Riding Guy With No Car?”

  1. Sorry about the bummer date, glad about the great ride.

    re the ride: I’ve had similar experiences. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but drivers seem to be getting more courtous. More and more they seem to be giving me more room if there’s anyway they can. Your post makes me think it’s a trend.

    If she doesn’t like bike riders, sweaty or not, you’re better off without her.

  2. i have only lived in louisville for 6 months and i have found the drivers (at least in town) to be aware of me and courteous. safe travels and good luck with the dating adventures.

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