Comfort Over Style

I admit, I’ve been drawn to stylish bikes recently.  The new rSogn is proof of that.  The steel, leather, and drop-bar aesthetic appeals to me.  It would be even better if it had a horizontal top-tube and lugs.

However, my neck doesn’t care about the aesthetic.  My neck doesn’t like it when I have to tilt my head back to see the road.  I’ve been stuck with a minor flare-up for a while now, and my Sunday ride almost did me in.

I have the perfect bike for times like this – the recumbent.  I bought the recumbent before I needed it.  I didn’t know I’d need it.  It looked fun, and I hadn’t yet developed the retrogrouch style.

The recumbent has languished.  I’ve ridden it enough to keep it rideable and wear a few things out.  It has a crappy rear rack on it – the one installed in 2008.  The shifters are falling apart.  They work fine, but the plastic has decomposed and rubs off on your hands. It needs new tires.

I ordered a better rear rack and it arrived today.  I installed it a few minutes ago, and will use it for the morning commute.

The other things that it needs will have to wait.

So, what of gravel rides?  Although I can ride some mild gravel on it, any big rides would be problematic.  What about the aesthetic?  I have to put that aside for a while, and ride what doesn’t hurt me.

I’m not selling the rSogn, Fargo, or the others.  I’ll still ride them when my neck is less problematic.  They’ll get ridden less.  I’ll outfit the ‘bent as a better all-rounder and put some much needed maintenance into it.