Poor Progress

This blog may stay named “The Fat Guy” with my lack of progress.  No, I’m not giving up, just feeling frustrated.

I did my monthly weigh-in on February 1st, but didn’t post it until today.  I need to lose 5 lbs per month.  I lost 3.4 in December.  I lost one pound in January.  This progress won’t get me there.  I’m still 61.4 lbs from my goal.

On the bright side, seeing this has focused my attention.  I was going to go out for dinner.  Now I’ll stay home and cook.  I have no beer in the house, so that’ll help too.  Although I should go grocery shopping, I think I’ll do better if I stay home today.

I’ve mostly been at the computer today.  I should do some exercise and stretching.  I need to get away from the computer.

3 thoughts on “Poor Progress”

  1. So goes the battle, Dave. We are in the same spot — I have 60 lbs to lose as well. I set myself up on Sparkpeople this morning, and I am going to try to track my food and exercise every day. I have already given up my daily martini ritual, so that has helped. Good luck to you limiting the suds! We can do this, and we will both feel better when spring arrives!

  2. Seems to be a common amount! I also want/need to shed another 60 pounds or so. I’ve lost 120 pounds over the last 2 years but have been stuck at my current weight for quite a while. But I figure that as long as I’m not gaining I’ll eventually get there.

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