Winter Weather?

My plan to only ride the recumbent to work this week may have come to an end.  We are under a winter weather advisory.  I can hear the sleet hitting the window.  The roads could be icy in the morning.

I have a set of studded tires.  They were purchased for the LHT, which I no longer own.  They’ll fit on the Fargo, but it’ll look a little silly as it’s meant for wider tires.  I’d rather look silly, and not fall on the ice.

So I swapped out the tires on the Fargo.  The rear wheel’s rim strip was out of place, showing a spoke hole.  I’m surprised it hadn’t blown the tube.  I had a roll of rim tape in the closet, so I replaced that.

After getting the studded tires on, I packed the bike for tomorrow’s commute.  If the roads are clear, I can still move the bags and lights back to the recumbent, but I’m not sure I will.  It’s been a while since I last heard the “electronic rice crispy” sound of studded tires on pavement.

Fargo with studs

I generally commute on a bike with fenders.  If it’s sloppy tomorrow, I’ll end up splattered with road grime.  That’s okay, I’ll be changing clothes at work anyway.

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