Rough Start to a Good Day

Yesterday improved after my post.  I went grocery shopping, cooked pot roast (leaving a bunch of leftovers for lunches) and got a bunch of housework done.

This morning was bad.  I had planned to leave early and take the long way to work.  I would have looped around Cherokee Park, up and down the hills.  I’m riding the ‘bent because my neck has been bothering me again.

I didn’t oversleep, I just didn’t get out of bed.  I was awake, but unwilling to move.  I tried to figure out how to stay home.  I eventually got up, showered, shaved, and prepared to face the day.

I no longer had time to take the long way.  I went directly to work.  The cold weather was invigorating and I was quite awake when I arrived.  I made it on time, which is sometimes an issue.

Once I had some coffee things improved greatly.  I had a couple of quick things to fix, then moved on to a big project.  I’ve been working on it (more like chipping away) for months.  The perfect conditions of being productive, and not being interrupted occurred  and I managed to make a large dent.  I have tangible progress I can show.  That’s a good feeling.

I’m not here to write about my work, but there’s a parallel to my personal life.  I need to be productive in my personal life again.  I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels for a few years now.  This includes fitness, weight loss, financial issues, housecleaning, simple-living, and many other things.

I need to keep the positive attitude going that sprung up today.  So, off I go to do some stretching, exercises, cooking, and cleaning.

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