It’s no secret that I’m a fan of dyno-powered lights on a bike.  What does that mean?  That means instead of batteries, there’s a generator on the bike to power the headlight, and sometimes a tail light also.

You may remember the old “bottle generators” that would rub against the tire.  Those work, but tend to slip in wet weather.  They also produce a fair amount of drag.

I ride in all weather.  I like to have lights on day or night.  So, a dyno-hub is the answer.  The front wheel is the generator.  Nothing needs to rub on the tire.

My rSogn came with a low-end Novatech dynohub.  I already had a nice SON hub, but it was laced to the wrong size rim.  The rSogn really needed the fancy SON hub.  I had Tom (the guy who usually builds wheels for me) basically use the existing rims and hubs, but switch them around, and use new spokes.

The Novatech wheel will go on my daughter’s bike, once I buy a headlight for her.  The SON is now mounted on the rSogn.

Newly-built wheels

I still need to get money together to have new wheels built for the recumbent and the Big Dummy.

3 thoughts on “Wheels!”

  1. I was pretty sure that was you that rode by my house this past Saturday and that you were riding an rSogn. I took to the internets and found that I was correct on both counts. Nice bike!

  2. Possibly. I was out with Tim. He was riding his red Rawland Sogn. I was on my blue-ish/silver-ish Rawland rSogn.

    What part of town? We went from Germantown to Iroquois, then Old Louisville, Downtown, Mockingbird Valley, Indian Hills, St Matthews, Highlands, before I headed back to Germantown.

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