Anti-Social Media?

When I was married to Kristy, she pressured me into joining Facebook.  After a while, the constant game notifications pushed me away.  I closed my account.  I had lived my life without social media (except this blog) and certainly didn’t need it.

Sometime in 2011, Michael invited us of the RCCS crew to join Google+.  It would a nice way to discuss ride plans without resorting to email.

Soon after that, I got connected to many other bike commuters, cyclists, Linux users, and weight-loss people.  It was fascinating and I made friends.

It started taking up too much time.  It certainly wasn’t getting me on the bike more often.  My personal productivity dropped.

A couple of months ago, I scaled back my circles.  I mostly scaled back those I didn’t have as much interest in, or who didn’t participate much.  This didn’t work, as the people I wanted to interact with were the ones taking my time.

Recently, Google+ added “Communities” a new feature.  I created a RCCS community, and made it private.  It serves the purpose of why I originally joined Google+.

Today, I made the decision to not use G+ anymore, except for the RCCS community.  I posted there about it, and provided my email address, and the url to this blog.  I hope to be able to communicate with the same people, but in a less frequent, more detailed manner.

I’ve made friends there.  Some I’ve met in person.  Some I will soon (I have a couple from California staying at my house for the Cyclocross Worlds event in February).  I know that most of the people I interacted with, I’ll never meet in person. That is kind of sad.  Although this is bothering me, I know it’s for the best.  I need to concentrate on my physical issues, mental issues, and work.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Social Media?”

  1. I really know nothing about Google+ and cannot stand Facebook. I prefer blogging and reading blogs. It can be as safe a community as you want, or you can open up. With Facebook only the latter option is available.
    I admit I protect many things about my identity on my blog, but I also feel a part of a unique community. I am glad you blog.
    BTW I have been using an app called “my fitness pal” since the beginning of November and have lost over 20 pounds. I would highly recommend to anyone.

  2. Wilson,
    There is a huge difference between FB and G+. Don’t get me wrong, I will miss G+. I made friends there. Although G+ has a “real name only” policy, many people violate that. How are they going to check?

    I tried a few different apps for weight loss. I actually lost the weight previous to that. This blog was my winning tool. Now if I could get away from the beer and pizza…

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