Coffee Ramble

Tim and I met at Sunergos this morning for a coffee ramble.  We had no grand plans for speed or distance, just a pleasant ride around town.

My rSogn is having a new front wheel built, so I was unable to ride that.  My single-speed is just a pile of parts in the basement, so that wasn’t going to work.  The Big Dummy and recumbent just seem so much for a ride like this.  So, I rode the Fargo.

I could have done this ride on any bike.  However, we’re doing a gravel ride tomorrow, and I wanted to be sure the Fargo was ready.  It is.

We headed west and eventually to Shawnee Park, where we picked up the Riverwalk.  We had to detour the closed portion (the formerly best portion) then cut back to River Rd near Sixth Street.

We stopped for another cup of coffee and Quills before parting ways.

Ohio River view

I went across the street to Vic’s Classic Bikes, where I bought my single-speed.  Vic has assured me the headset can be replaced.  Once I have the money, I’ll be bringing the bike in.

I intended to not drink beer this weekend.  I was headed home, and was pulled into Four Pegs against my will.  I enjoyed a nice IPA and a sandwich.  I then rode home and brewed a pot of coffee.  I had (house)work to do.

I finished the day with 22 miles on the bike.  That brings me to 66.7 for the year.  I’m should be at 82 miles to keep in line with my goal, but I think I’ll make up for that on tomorrow’s gravel ride.  I need to start taking the long way to work.

One thought on “Coffee Ramble”

  1. You may not meet your cumulative goals everyday or all the time, but you are doing so much more than the average person and that’s something to be excited about.
    I’m sure you will meet many of your goals though. I’m rooting for you!
    ~ Wilson

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