New Month, New Year

As I stated at the beginning of December, I need to lose 5 lbs per month for 13 months to hit my goal weight by the end of 2013.  I’m one month in and I’ve lost only 3.4 lbs.  I need to work harder on that.  I’ve updated the weight page.

I rode my bikes 313.8 miles in December, for a total of 3,595.9 miles for 2012.  That’s down about 1,900 miles from 2011.  I intend to rectify that this year and ride 6000 miles for the year.  That’s an average of 500 miles per month, or 16.4 miles per day.

I’m buying no new bikes this year.  I’ll spend money to properly outfit and repair the five I have.

I need to do two types of training: distance and speed.  Distance just requires long rides.  Speed may involve intervals.  I’m far from being fast, and basically just want to keep a 15+ MPH pace of a reasonable length road ride.

I also need to get back into upper-body workouts.  I’m not prepared to start a YMCA membership again, so I’ll work with body-weight exercises and the dumbbells I have.


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  1. Kinda looks like my list. My weight loss goal is less, but very similar otherwise. Hope you have a great, successful 2013.

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