Shopping Ride!

The weather has been a bit cold and windy.  We had some snow accumulation, although the roads are clear for now.

Dawn, my youngest daughter, is struggling financially and could really use some new clothes and shoes.

She lives with her boyfriend just a short distance from my house.  They don’t have a car either.


She rode her bike over today.  She seemed slightly disappointed that I didn’t call a cab or make bus plans.  She was willing to ride, and we headed off down Preston Highway.  I bought her some pants and shoes.  I bought a sheet set and shirt for myself.

Locking up

The sheet set is for a new bed I ordered that will be delivered on Monday.

After shopping we rode to Four Pegs for dinner and a beer.  She turned 21 earlier this month and can have a good stout with her dad now.

Double Chocolate Stout – she has good taste

She’d like to have fenders and possibly even a dynohub on this bike.  She did on her previous bike before it was stolen.

This was my second time taking her out for food and alcohol.  She only had one beer this time.  Last time, we were walking back, which is a good thing.  She overdid it.

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